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  • The quest for a non-competitive market, Standard oil, the international oil industry and the Scandinavian states, 1890-1939 

    Sandvik, Pål Thonstad; Storli, Espen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    This article focuses on the expansion of the international oil majors into Scandinavia in the period before World War II. From 1890, Standard Oil dominated the Scandinavian markets, but gradually the company’s hold on these ...
  • Communication, Cooperation and Conflict 

    Borge, Steffen (Journal article, 2012)
    According to Steven Pinker and his associates the cooperative model of human communication fails, because evolutionary biology teaches us that most social relationships, including talk-exchange, involve combinations of ...
  • Mitigating isolation and loneliness with technology through emotional care by social robots in remote 

    Søraa, Roger Andre; Fosch-Villaronga, Eduard; Quintas, Joao; Dias, Jorge; Tøndel, Gunhild; Sørgaard, Jon; Nyvoll, Pernille; Nap, Henk Herman; Serrano, Artur (Chapter, 2020)
    This book chapter explores how experiences of isolation and loneliness in remote areas can be mitigated through social robots’ emotional care. We first discuss the concept of being social and how that notion is changing ...
  • Climate Change in Literature, Television and Film from Norway 

    Furuseth, Sissel; Gjelsvik, Anne; Gürata, Ahmet; Hennig, Reinhard; Leyda, Julia; Ritson, Katie (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Environmental and climatic change has become a frequent motif in contemporary Norwegian literature, television and film, and Norway has the worldwide first organization of writers committed to climate action (The Norwegian ...
  • The Living Transcendental - An Integrationist View of Naturalized Phenomenology 

    Netland, Thomas (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    In this article I take on the “Transcendentalist Challenge” to naturalized phenomenology, highlighting how the ontological and methodological commitments of Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy point in the direction of an integration ...
  • Semantic Burden-Shifting and Temporal Externalism 

    Haukioja, Jussi (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    Temporal externalism is the view that the meanings and extensions of linguistic expressions can be partly determined by contingent linguistic and/or conceptual developments that take place after the time of utterance. In ...
  • Emerging circular economies: Discourse coalitions in a Norwegian case 

    Ortega Alvarado, Isaac Arturo; Sutcliffe, Thomas Edward; Berker, Thomas; Pettersen, Ida Nilstad (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    The transition to a circular economy (CE) remains an anticipated future with alternative pathways for its fulfillment. Most research on CE is normative about technological approaches and interpretations for production and ...
  • The believability of redubs and post-synchronised voices: Merging new voices with existing audio-visuals 

    Høier, Svein (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014)
    This article addresses the question: how do different sound qualities contribute to the believability of post-synchronised voices? Production examples are discussed where the post-synchronised voices balance on the border ...
  • The Notion of Presence in a Telematic Cross-Disciplinary Program for Music,Communication and Technology 

    Støckert, Robin; Bergsland, Andreas; Xambo Sedo, Anna (Chapter, 2020)
    This anthology presents research projects that examine the intersection between music, technology and education from a variety of perspectives. The contributors are from a range of educational programs within traditional ...
  • What do energy modellers know? An ethnography of epistemic values and knowledge models 

    Silvast, Antti; Laes, Erik; Abram, Simone; Bombaerts, Gunter (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    This article considers academic energy modelling as a scientific practice. While models and modelling have been of considerable interest in energy social science research, few studies have brought together approaches from ...
  • William Morris's Book Collecting 

    Cowan, Yuri (Chapter, 2020)
  • Sociotechnical Agendas: Reviewing Future Directions for Energy and Climate Research 

    Sovacool, Benjamin; Hess, David J.; Amir, Sulfikar; Geels, Frank W.; Hirsh, Richard; Rodriguez Medina, Leandro; Miller, Clark; Alvial Palavicino, Carla; Phadke, Roopali; Ryghaug, Marianne; Schot, Johan; Silvast, Antti; Stephens, Jennie; Stirling, Andy; Turnheim, Bruno; van der Vleuten, Erik; van Lente, Harro; Yearley, Steven (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    The field of science and technology studies (STS) has introduced and developed a “sociotechnical” perspective that has been taken up by many disciplines and areas of inquiry. The aims and objectives of this study are ...
  • Antecedentless fragments: a middle road between sententialism and nonsententialism 

    Weir, Andrew (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    This article considers discourse-initial fragments such as 'A coffee, please'. The article argues against "sententialist" analyses of such fragments which propose that they are elliptical for fully-fledged syntactic ...
  • Some interactional functions of finger pointing in signed language conversations 

    Ferrara, Lindsay Nicole (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Interlocutors participating in conversation collaborate with each other to coordinate their actions and talk. Research on spoken language conversations has shown that speakers use bodily gestures, in addition to speech, ...
  • Strategic Research Agenda of the EERA Joint Programme Hydropower 

    Aberle, Jochen; Avellan, Francois; Boes, Robert; Cavazzini, Giovanna; Perez Diaz, Juan I.; Doujak, Eduard; Finger, David Christian; Hendrick, Patrick; Heidenreich, Sara; Köhler, Berit; Lundström, Staffan; Riedelbauch, Stefan; Siemonsmeier, Marius; Schürhuber, Robert; Skjelbred, Hans Ivar; Storli, Pål-Tore Selbo (Research report, 2019)
    The launch of a new EERA Joint Programme on Hydropower is good news for energy system in Europe and beyond. The clean energy transition is necessary, demanding and accelerating. Hydropower in Europe and worldwide represents ...
  • Making researchers responsible: attributions of responsibility and ambiguous notions of culture in research codes of conduct 

    Valkenburg, Govert; Dix, Guus; Tijdink, Joeri K.; de Rijcke, Sarah (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Background: Research codes of conduct offer guidance to researchers with respect to which values should be realized in research practices, how these values are to be realized, and what the respective responsibilities of ...
  • Consensus or contestation: reflections on governance of innovation in a context of heterogeneous knowledges 

    Valkenburg, Govert (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Governance of innovation needs to cater in a democratic way for heterogeneity of knowledges. Many initiatives in the democratisation of innovation aspire to some sort of consensus among relevant actors. However, consensus ...
  • The imagined scientist of science governance 

    Åm, Heidrun; Solbu, Gisle; Sørensen, Knut Holtan (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    In this article, we introduce the concept of ‘the imagined scientist’. It inverts previous discussions of the public as an imagined community with a knowledge deficit, to examine imagined scientists representing an actor ...
  • Humanitet, kontroll og tvang : Tvangsmiddelbruk ved Kriminalasylet og Reitgjerdet sykehus, 1895 – 1978 

    Rabben, Magne Brekke (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU;2020:315, Doctoral thesis, 2020)
    Avhandlingen ser på tvangsmiddelbruken ved Kriminalasylet og Reitgjerdet sykehus i perioden 1895 til 1978 og drøfter den opp mot den skiftende forståelsen av hva som ligger i idealet om human behandling på psykiatrisk ...
  • Nordic eHealth Benchmarking. Towards evidence informed policies 

    Nøhr, Christian; Faxvaag, Arild; Chen, Hsi Tsai; Hardardóttir, Gudrun Audur; Hypponen, Hannele; Andreassen, Hege Kristin; Gilstad, Heidi; Jonsson, Heidin; Reponen, Jarmo; Kaipio, Johanna; Øvlisen, Maja; Kangas, Maarit; Bertelsen, Pernille; Koch, Sabine; Villumsen, Sidsel; Schmidt, Thomas; Vehko, Tuulikki; Vimarlund, Vivian (TemaNord;, Research report, 2020)

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