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    • Reliability testing based on deterioration measurements 

      Lydersen, Stian (Dr.ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 1988:32, Doctoral thesis, 1988)
      In traditional reliability life testing and accelerated life testing, usally only the failure mode and the lifetime upon failure or censoring, are recorded. The information obtained from such testing may be signicantly ...
    • Grunnkurs i statistikk og sannsynlighetsteori 

      Taraldsen, Gunnar (Book, 1997)
    • Fault controlled pressure modelling in sedimentary basins / 

      Borge, Hans (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2000:22, Doctoral thesis, 2000)
      The starting point for this Dr. Ing. thesis was the requirement for models describing basin scale overpressure for use in basin modelling studies. It is necessary to identify, understand and describe both the generating ...
    • Stochastic Modeling and Statistical Inference of Geological Fault Populations and Patterns 

      Borgos, Hilde Grude (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2000:51, Doctoral thesis, 2000)
      The focus of this work is on faults, and the main issue is statistical analysis and stochastic modeling of faults and fault patterns in petroleum reservoirs. The thesis consists of Part I-V and Appendix A-C. The units can ...
    • On the theory and numerical analysis of viscosity solutions 

      Jakobsen, Espen Robstad (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2001:95, Doctoral thesis, 2001)
    • High-Level Image Models with Application to Medical Ultrasonics 

      Husby, Oddvar (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2001:93, Doctoral thesis, 2001)
    • Quasi-linear functionals : theory and applications 

      Rustad, Alf Birger (Doctoral thesis, 2001)
    • Bayesian networks with applications in reliability analysis 

      Langseth, Helge (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2002:121, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      A common goal of the papers in this thesis is to propose, formalize and exemplify the use of Bayesian networks as a modelling tool in reliability analysis. The papers span work in which Bayesian networks are merely used ...
    • The use of Bayesian Belief Networks for combining disparate sources of information in the safety assessment of software based systems 

      Gran, Bjørn Axel (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2002:35, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      The objective of the research has been to investigate the possibility to transfer the requirements of a software safety standard into Bayesian belief networks (BBNs). The BBN methodology has mainly been developed and applied ...
    • Numerical solutions of stochastic partial differential equations 

      Theting, Thomas Gorm (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 89, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      The main part of this thesis is devoted to the analysis of stochastic partial differential equations of Wick-type. In particular, we study numerical approximations of solutions to boundary value problems for such equations. The ...
    • Numerical analysis and stochastic modeling in mathematical finance 

      Dahl, Lars Oswald (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2002:96, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      The main goal of this thesis has been to study and develop faster and more accurate methods for pricing and hedging exotic options. This has involved work on models describing prices and hedges as well as the stochastics ...
    • Bayesian Seismic AVO Inversion 

      Buland, Arild (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2002:97, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      Seismic analysis is a key element in successful exploration and production of natural resources. During the last decades, seismic methodology has had a significant progress with respect to both acquisition, processing and ...
    • Scenario tree generation for stochastic programming : cases from finance 

      Kaut, Michal (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2003:55, Doctoral thesis, 2003)
      In recent years, stochastic programming has gained an increasing popularity within the mathematical programming community, mainly because the present computing power allows users to add stochasticity to models that were ...
    • Markov chain Monte Carlo updating schemes for hidden Gaussian Markov random field models 

      Steinsland, Ingelin (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2003:89, Doctoral thesis, 2003)
      Part I discusses how to construct approximations to the posterior distribution π(x|y, θ) of a latent Gaussian Markov random field on a graph of dimension n when data are considered conditionally mutually independent and ...
    • Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms and their Applications to Petroleum Reservoir Characterization 

      Eidsvik, Jo (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2003:75, Doctoral thesis, 2003)
      This thesis consists of papers on stochastic reservoir characterization and Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms. Stochastic reservoir models are very complex and naturally spatial and high dimensional. This makes them hard ...
    • Depth consistent pp and ps seismic angle tomography 

      Foss, Stig-Kyrre (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2004:18, Doctoral thesis, 2004)
      This thesis addressed the problem of finding background models yielding depth consistent migrated PP and PS images, i.e. geologically equivalent reflectors should be imaged at the same depth in the two images. The tomographic ...
    • Wavefront aberration correction in medical ultrasound imaging 

      Varslot, Trond (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2004:165, Doctoral thesis, 2004)
      Medisinsk ultralydavbildning er et relativt rimelig verktøy som er i utstrakte bruk på dagens sykehus og tildels også legekontor. En underliggende antakelse ved dagens avbildningsteknikker er at vevet som skal avbildes i ...
    • Numerical Solution og Coupled CFD Problems by the Domain Decomposition Method 

      Holdahl, Runar (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2004:102, Doctoral thesis, 2004)
      In this thesis we look at the efficient numerical solution of two complex multi-physics problems which both have very important applications. The first problem is related to the numerical simulation of extrusion of aluminium. ...
    • Reduced basis modeling of hierarchical flow systems 

      Løvgren, Alf Emil (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2005:212, Doctoral thesis, 2005)
      In this thesis we consider the reduced basis element method for approximating the solution of parameter dependent problems described by partial differential equations. In particular we focus on fluid flow in pipes, ...
    • Electronic voting systems 

      Ødegård, Rune Steinsmo (Master thesis, 2006)
      We present the cryptographic primitives needed in the construction of electronic voting systems based on homomorphic encryptions and on verifiable secret sharing. Then "The theory and implementation of an electronic voting ...