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    • A design approach to integrated intelligent systems in a manufacturing environment 

      Paramsothy, Jeyakumar (Doktor ingeniøravhandling 1995:112, Doctoral thesis, 1995)
    • Design for environment with aluminium extrusions 

      Støren, Sigurd (Chapter, 1998)
      Extruded aluminium sections have many features that make them suitable for use in environment-friendly products. Still there are much to be done to reduce the variability of section properties and to optimize the processing ...
    • Statistical modelling of pipe failures in water networks 

      Røstum, Jon (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2000:12, Doctoral thesis, 2000)
      This thesis presents an evaluation of statistical methods for modelling pipe failures for each individual pipe in a water distribution network. This thesis introduces the Non Homogeneous Poisson Process (NHPP) with covariates ...
    • A cooperative information system framework to support process management 

      Solberg, Claus (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 122, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      The implementation of process orientation at Aker Verdal was enhanced by a cooperative information system (CIS) that supported process management with the right information, at the right time, at the right place, etc. A ...
    • Coagulation and flocculation of dissolved organic substances with organic polymers 

      Kvinnesland, Thomas (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2002:136, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      Coagulation of natural organic matter (NOM) in water is a well-established process, enabling or enhancing the removal of these substances by different particle separation processes. The dominating coagulating agents used ...
    • Flood Handling and Emergency Action Planning for Dams 

      Midttømme, Grethe Holm (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2002:51, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      Even though dams are designed to bypass floods of significant magnitudes, floods less severe than the design flood may pose a threat to dams. Ongoing research into climate change also shows an increasing trend towards ...
    • Cavitation in complex separated flows 

      Oledal, Marcus (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2001:20, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      An investigation of two classes of separated cavitating flows has been performed. The first investigation is related to cavitating vortices above delta shaped vortex generators, in particular cavitating vortex breakdown. ...
    • Integrerte strategier for regional avfallshåndtering og lokal energiforsyning i Midt-Norge 

      Bergsdal, Håvard (Master thesis, 2002)
      Denne rapporten presenterer resultatene fra to ulike scenarier for energiutnyttelse av avfall i Midt- Norge- regionen. Resultatene baserer seg på LCA- metodikk, og vurderer scenariene ut fra deres totale potensielle ...
    • Numerical simulations of material mismatch and ductile crack growth 

      Østby, Erling (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2002:13, Doctoral thesis, 2002)
      Both the global geometry and inhomogeneties in material properties will influence the fracture behaviour of structures in presence of cracks. In this thesis numerical simulations have been used to investigate how some ...
    • Project supply chain management: From agile to lean 

      Asbjørnslett, Bjørn Egil (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2003:2, Doctoral thesis, 2003)
      More than forty years has passed since the start of the North Sea oil and gas developments. On the managerial side of the projects there have been large cost overruns, project planning and control measures developed to ...
    • Sensor Control in Robotic Surgery 

      Elle, Ole Jakob (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2004:27, Doctoral thesis, 2004)
      This doctoral thesis investigates sensor control in robotic surgery. At the present state of the art, robotic technology for surgical applications can broadly be divided into four main classes: • Robotic assistance • ...
    • Masseflyt og miljøpåvirkning av BA-avfall hos Onyx Norway AS 

      Reistad, Knut (Master thesis, 2004)
      Utgangspunktet for denne oppgaven har vært å beskrive et system for håndtering og behandling av bygg- og anleggsavfall. Onyx Norway-konsernet som med sine datterselskap er en av Norges største aktører innenfor avfallsbehandling, ...
    • On Packaging of MEMS. Simulation of Transfer Moulding and Packaging Stress and their Effect on a Family of piezo-resistive Pressure Sensors 

      Krondorfer, Rudolf H. (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2003:112, Doctoral thesis, 2004)
      Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) produced to date include IR detectors, accelerometers, pressure sensors, micro lenses, actuators, chemical sensors, gear drives, RF devices, optical processor chips, micro robots and ...
    • The Adaptive Intelligent Model for Process Diagnosis, Prediction and Control 

      Tang, Meng (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2004:154, Doctoral thesis, 2004)
      This research work focuses at first on the intelligent model development for process state (special for fault) detection, behavior prediction and process control for complex industrial processes. In the model architecture, ...
    • An Integrated Framework For Collaborative Enterprise Performance Management 

      Busi, Marco (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2005:48, Doctoral thesis, 2005)
    • Sustainable Waste Management. Methods and Framework for analysis 

      Klang, Anders Brandén (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2005:16, Doctoral thesis, 2005)
      Dealing with waste is a major issue in our endeavour to create a sustainable society. The purpose of this thesis is to develop a model for assessing sustainable development in waste management systems. The model should ...
    • Analysis of Aluminium Hot Forging 

      Nolte, Dirk (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2005:3, Doctoral thesis, 2005)
    • A classification method for scaling river biotopes for assessing hydropower regulation impacts 

      Borsányi, Péter (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2005:140, Doctoral thesis, 2005)
      This thesis describes the development of a habitat assessment methodology based on theories of hydroecology for use in river basin management. The methodology includes a robust habitat classification system and provides ...
    • Numerical Modelling of Sediment Flow in Tala Desilting Chamber 

      Agrawal, Aravind (Master thesis, 2005)
      This thesis is about estimation of trap efficiency of desilting basin using numerical model program named as SSIIM. SSIIM is acronym for Sediment Simulation in Intakes with Multiblock Option. It is developed by Dr. Nils ...
    • Fatigue Design of Hydraulic Turbine Runners 

      Huth, Hans-Jörg (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2005:19, Doctoral thesis, 2005)
      Turbine runners experience start-stop cycles and vibration cycles. Cracks initiated from service or manufacturing defects and propagated by start-stop cycles become critical when the stress intensity range due to vibrational ...