• A new approach to dynamic barite sag analysis on typical Field oil-based drilling fluid 

      Ofei, Titus Ntow; Lund, Bjørnar; Saasen, Arild; Sangesland, Sigbjørn; Gyland, Knud Richard; Linga, Harald (Chapter, 2019)
      Laboratory and field experiences record that sagging of weighting agents such as barite in drilling fluids is often worse in dynamic conditions, e.g. pumping, tripping or drill pipe rotation, than in static conditions. ...
    • Effect of Barite on the Rheological Properties of an Oil-Based Drilling Fluid 

      Ofei, Titus Ntow; Lund, Bjørnar; Gyland, Knud Richard; Saasen, Arild (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    • Flow properties of water-based drilling fluids 

      Kristensen, Aleksander (Master thesis, 2013)
      The objective of this master thesis was to investigate the flow properties of water based drilling fluids, utilizing measurements in both the micro and macro scale. The research was performed on two realistic drilling ...
    • Gel Evolution in Oil Based Drilling Fluids 

      Sandvold, Ida (Master thesis, 2012)
      Drilling fluids make up an essential part of the drilling operation. Successful drilling operations rely on adequate drilling fluid quality. With the development of new drilling techniques such as long deviated sections ...
    • Hole-cleaning performance comparison of oil-based and water-based drilling fluids 

      Sayindla, Sneha; Lund, Bjørnar; Ytrehus, Jan David; Saasen, Arild (Journal article, 2017)
      Cuttings transport is a topic of great interest in the oil and gas drilling industry. Insufficient cuttings transport leads to several expensive problems. Knowledge and selection of the drilling fluids is one of the important ...
    • Laboratory Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Sag in Oil-Based Drilling Fluids 

      Ofei, Titus Ntow; Kalaga, Dinesh V.; Lund, Bjørnar; Saasen, Arild; Linga, Harald; Sangesland, Sigbjørn; Gyland, Knud Richard; Kawaji, Masahiro (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      In this paper, we present the results of barite sag measurements before and after hot-rolled oil-based drilling fluids (OBDFs) using different approaches for characterization. We characterized the barite sag of a liquid ...
    • On the Stability of Oil-Based Drilling Fluid: Effect of Oil-Water Ratio 

      Ofei, Titus Ntow; Cheng, Itung; Lund, Bjørnar; Saasen, Arild; Sangesland, Sigbjørn (Chapter, 2020)
      Drilling fluids are complex mixtures of natural and synthetic chemical compounds used to cool and lubricate the drill bit, clean the wellbore, carry drilled cuttings to the surface, control formation pressure, and improve ...