• Shoot! Don’t Talk 

      Shani, Yanir (Master thesis, 2017)
      “Home is my physical body. Home is nature, Earth. The feeling of home is something different. It’s an exchange of unconditional love between human beings. It’s a compassionate energy, which makes you feel safe and gives ...
    • Tears in battle Hearts of steel 

      Bremseth, Hedda Kristine (Master thesis, 2020)
    • Technology and Ai in shaping a new culture 

      Rahhal, Yaser (Master thesis, 2020)
      The questions in this project Technology and Ai in shaping a new culture developed through the research journey. It started with What is slavery? And How slavery is living with us? The question grew to question the concept ...
    • The Great Inside: Anthropocentric Transformation of Earth Surfaces 

      Gündoğar, Sercan (Master thesis, 2016)
      The main focus of this work is the elusive boundaries of human civilization. Images investigate human marks on various landscapes and transformative characteristics of cultural and natural areas. Anthropocentric revolution ...
    • to be continued 

      Monsås, Per Stian (Master thesis, 2020)
      Teksten vever en fortellende tidslinje for menneskets historie utforsket gjennom forhold til min egen kunstneriske praksis, spesielt gjennom prosjekter realisert fra 2017-2020 og som kulminerte i arbeidet to be continued. ...
    • Zimme Zum 

      Labus Mate (Master thesis, 2020)