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  • Inertiae 

    Schmidt, August Valentin (Bachelor thesis, 2020)
    In this thesis I will walk through the contents of my process leading up to the submission. This involves seeing process as larger than single works and focuses on the succession of work collecting into a practice. the ...

    Hamed Mousaviyan, Mahsa (Master thesis, 2020)
    "Gone with water", is the story of a city that is submerged underwater. Various methods were used for creating it. It is a combination of animation, painting, and sculpture. During the progress of the work, it faced many ...
  • A navigating compas-needle, instead of a clock. 

    Bøyum Sigrd Voll (Master thesis, 2020)
  • Zimme Zum 

    Labus Mate (Master thesis, 2020)
  • Dumb Bitch Hours 

    Rydningen, Kristina (Bachelor thesis, 2020)
    Hva vil det bety å være kvinne i vår tid og teknologiske populærkultur, og hva betyr det å være kvinne for meg? En Kardashian, en kroppspositivist og en mann gikk inn i et rosa telt. Alle fikk kjeft. Velkommen til Dumb ...
  • Conversation log with the site - first iteration at Dora 1 for Garden of Dialogue 

    Kawachi, Erina (Master thesis, 2020)
    The purpose of this thesis is to illustrate my artistic research project Garden of Dialogue which investigates the development of a personal methodology. Detailed portrayals of my artistic method showcase my experimental ...
  • Bachelor opgaven 2020 Malakias Liebmann 

    Liebmann, Malakias (Bachelor thesis, 2020)
    Nu er det tid til at afslutte dette forløb på kunstakademiet som bachelor elev. Her på akademiet er jeg igennem de tre år jeg har været her, blevet klædt på til at anskue vores verden i forhold til geopolitiske, internationale ...
  • Ruins - Chapter I: Codename Bourji 

    Debs, Oscar (Master thesis, 2020)
    According to a rumor by my mother's grandfather, Nour el-Houda is related to my family. Via a quest to yet discover Nour El-Houda's exact kinship and childhood in my hometown, the film is a partly improvised, autobiographicized ...
  • Moment of being human 

    Zaneta, Lili (Master thesis, 2020)
    Positivity doesn't exist without negativity. One defines other, one doesn’t exist without another. In modern times, where a way of living accommodates mankind and its consumeristic needs, our lives become “better and ...
  • Technology and Ai in shaping a new culture 

    Rahhal, Yaser (Master thesis, 2020)
    The questions in this project Technology and Ai in shaping a new culture developed through the research journey. It started with What is slavery? And How slavery is living with us? The question grew to question the concept ...
  • to be continued 

    Monsås, Per Stian (Master thesis, 2020)
    Teksten vever en fortellende tidslinje for menneskets historie utforsket gjennom forhold til min egen kunstneriske praksis, spesielt gjennom prosjekter realisert fra 2017-2020 og som kulminerte i arbeidet to be continued. ...
  • Plastic Poseidon 

    Qian, Qianhui (Master thesis, 2020)
    Plastic Poseidon is a struggle between industrialized human society and the forces of nature. In the mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea and water, whose power rivaled the inexhaustible vitality of the earth and the ...
  • MOOD - A Utopian Sculpture for Public Space 

    Buxbom, Bella da Silva (Master thesis, 2020)
    MOOD er en kunstinstallasjon beregnet for offentlige rom. Det tar form som en semi-mobil arkitektonisk skulptur som kan demonteres og flyttes mellom forskjellige miljøer som parker, gallerier eller utkantsstrøk. MOOD er ...
  • Kin 

    Thastum, Sissel (Master thesis, 2020)
    The project Kin explores our connection to other beings (sentient and otherwise) with the emphasis on the vibrance and agency of all matter. The objective of the project is to expand our perception of self by studying our ...
  • Becoming the Dream 

    Rasmussen, Michelle (Bachelor thesis, 2020)
    You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation" This exposition explores the woman credited as the "‘Banksy of podcasts’, an enigma in a world of social media, and the genius with no face.
  • Tears in battle Hearts of steel 

    Bremseth, Hedda Kristine (Master thesis, 2020)
  • From 1969 to 2018: Relocating historical narratives of displacement during ‘the Troubles’ through the European migrant crisis 

    Browne, Brendan Ciaran; Asprooth-Jackson, Casey (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    From the outset of the Northern Ireland conflict, the internal displacement of civilians from across the sectarian divide became a familiar phenomenon for those seeking to escape inter-communal conflict. In 2018, the legacy ...
  • Breathing with Styrofoam 

    Barlow, Susanna (Master thesis, 2017)
    I am interested in the conditions of an emergent understanding of the self: one that has departed from sovereignty yet has not completely lost a sense of self. It is fleeting, always in motion, and cannot be fully grasped. ...
  • Nothing Is Set In Stone - Performativity, Space, and the Abstract Body 

    Foltyn, Agnieszka (Master thesis, 2017)
    This is a performative text. It is written in two distinct and intertwining voices. The first is a lyrical and reflective description of my interaction with the process of creation, materials, imagination, and experience ...

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