Recent Submissions

  • Effects of Bottom-Up Blockage on Entrance Loss Coefficients and Head-Discharge Relationships for Pipe Culvert Inlets: Comparisons of Theoretical Methods and Experimental Results 

    Sellevold, Joakim Carlsønn; Norem, Harald; Bruland, Oddbjørn; Rüther, Nils; Pummer, Elena Marianne (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    Culvert blockage is a recognized problem known to increase the risk of cross-drainage failure. Presently, the effects of bottom-up inlet blockage can be estimated using the theoretically derived energy loss method (ELM) ...
  • High-performance carbon-capture membranes developed by (non)solvent-induced nanostructural rearrangement in Nafion 

    Wei, Jing; Deng, Jing; Ma, Yulei; Qin, Zikang; Wang, Bangda; Deng, Liyuan; Spontak, Richard J; Dai, Zhongde (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Membrane materials exhibiting high CO2 permeability and selectivity are needed for CO2 capture to mitigate global climate change. In this study, Nafion is dissolved in and cast from N-methylpyrrolidone to generate membranes ...
  • Impact of dissolved oxygen removal on solvent degradation for post-combustion CO2 capture 

    V. Figueiredo, Roberta; Srivastava, Tanya; Skaar, Tarjei; Warning, Niels; Gravesteijn, Paul; van Os, Peter; Ansaloni, Luca; Deng, Liyuan; Knuutila, Hanna; Monteiro, Juliana; Goetheer, Earl (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    One of the major issues encountered in the Post Combustion CO2 Capture processes is the degradation of the solvent which can be in great part attributed to the presence of oxygen in the solution. The present report focuses ...
  • Super selective ammonia separation through multiple-site interaction with ionic liquid-based hybrid membranes 

    Yang, Bingbing; Bai, Lu; Li, Tingting; Deng, Liyuan; Liu, Lei; Zeng, Shaojuan; Han, Jiuli; Zhang, Xiangping (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Efficient separation and recovery of ammonia (NH3) is essential for environmental protection and resource utilization. In this work, hybrid membranes for NH3 separation through multiple-site interaction were developed by ...
  • Hydrogen sulfide removal from natural gas using membrane technology: a review 

    Ma, Yulei; Guo, Hongfang; Selyanchyn, Roman; Wang, Bangda; Deng, Liyuan; Dai, Zhongde; Jiang, Xia (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Natural gas, having a significantly lower CO2 emission factor than oil and coal when combusted, is accepted as an important transition fuel towards carbon net-zero society. To meet the calorific value requirements (≥34.0 ...
  • Automated Tool Trajectory Generation for Robotized Deburring of Cast Parts Based on 3D Scans 

    Onstein, Ingrid Fjordheim; Bjerkeng, Magnus Christian; Martinsen, Kristian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Manual removal of burrs on castings introduces health, safety, and environmental concerns. Automated removal of highly variable casting burrs could improve safety, but requires a solution based on robots, smart sensors, ...
  • Effect analysis of wooden fence width on wave transmission by a numerical model 

    Mai, Tri; Dao, H T; Ngo, T T A; Pham, Hien Hau; Liu, Yiliu (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Wooden fences, a permeable structure, have become a nature-based solution for supporting traditional structures to restore mangrove forests along the Mekong deltaic coasts. Even though prior studies have explored a number ...
  • BISDU: A Bit-Serial Dot-Product Unit for Microcontrollers 

    Metz, David Christoph; Kumar, Vineet; Själander, Hans Magnus (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
  • Hydraulic efficiency and optimization of pipe culvert inlet edges 

    Sellevold, Joakim Carlsønn; Bruland, Oddbjørn; Pummer, Elena Marianne (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
  • GWAS Meta-Analysis of Suicide Attempt: Identification of 12 Genome-Wide Significant Loci and Implication of Genetic Risks for Specific Health Factors 

    Docherty, Anna R.; Mullins, Niamh; Ashley-Koch, Allison E.; Qin, Xuejun; Coleman, Jonathan R.I.; Shabalin, Andrey; Kang, JooEun; Murnyak, Balasz; Wendt, Frank; Adams, Mark; Campos, Adrian I.; DiBlasi, Emily; Fullerton, Janice M.; Kranzler, Henry R.; Bakian, Amanda V.; Monson, Eric T.; Rentería, Miguel E.; Walss-Bass, Consuelo; Andreassen, Ole; Behera, Chittaranjan; Bulik, Cynthia M.; Edenberg, Howard J.; Adolfsson, Rolf; Agartz, Ingrid; Alda, Martin; Alfredsson, Lars; Appadurai, Vivek; Artigas, María Soler; Djurovic, Srdjan; Foo, Jerome C.; Forstner, Andreas J.; Frye, Mark; Gatt, Justine; Melle, Ingrid; Mitchell, Philip B.; Molina, Esther; Morken, Gunnar; Smeland, Olav Bjerkehagen; Smoller, Jordan W.; Sonuga-Barke, Edmund J.S.; Trzaskowski, Maciej; Tsuang, Ming T.; Turecki, Gustavo; Vilar-Ribó, Laura; Vincent, John B.; Völzke, Henry; Walters, James T.R.; Weickert, Cynthia Shannon; Weickert, Thomas W.; Weissman, Myrna M. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Objective: Suicidal behavior is heritable and is a major cause of death worldwide. Two large-scale genome-wide association studies (GWASs) recently discovered and cross-validated genome-wide significant (GWS) loci for ...
  • Local Postoperative Graft Inflammation in Pancreas Transplant Patients With Early Graft Thrombosis 

    Rydenfelt, Kristina Elisabeth; Kjøsen, Gisle; Horneland, Rune; Ludviksen, Judith K; Jenssen, Trond; Line, Pål Dag; Tønnessen, Tor Inge; Mollnes, Tom Eirik; Haugaa, Håkon; Pischke, Soeren (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Background. Graft thrombosis is the main cause of early graft loss following pancreas transplantation, and is more frequent in pancreas transplant alone (PTA) compared with simultaneous pancreas-kidney (SPK) recipients. ...
  • The Global DAS Month of February 2023 

    Wüstefeld, Andreas; Spica, Zack; Aderhold, Kasey; Huang, Hsin-Hua; Ma, Kuo-Fong; Lai, Voon Hui; Miller, Meghan; Urmantseva, Lena; Zapf, Daniel; Bowden, Daniel; Edme, Pascal; Kiers, Tjeer; Rinaldi, Antonio; Tuinstra, Katinka; Jestin, Camille; Diaz-Meza, Sergio; Jousset, Philippe; Wollin, Christopher; Ugalde, Arantza; Ruiz-Barajas, Sandra; Gaite, Beatriz; Currenti, Gilda; Prestifilippo, Michele; Araki, Eiichiro; Tonegawa, Takashi; de Ridder, Sjoerd; Nowacki, Andy; Linder, Fabian; Schoenball, Martin; Wetter, Christoph; Zhu, Hong-Hu; Baird, Alan F.; Rørstadbotnen, Robin Andre; Ajo-Franklin, Jonathan; Ma, Yuanyuan; Abbott, Rober E.; Hodgkinson, Kathleen M.; Porritt, Rober W.; Stanciu, A. Christian; Podrasky, Agatha; Hill, David; Biondi, Biondo; Yuan, Siyuan; Luo, Bin; Nikitin, Sergei; Morten, Jan Petter; Dumitru, Vlad-Andrei; Lienhart, Werner; Cunningham, Erin; Wang, Herbert (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    During February 2023, a total of 32 individual DAS systems acted jointly as a global seismic monitoring network. The aim of this Global DAS Month campaign was to coordinate a diverse network of organizations, instruments, ...
  • Forhandling, koordinering og kvalitetssikring: Pakkeforløpskoordinatorers arbeid med pakkeforløp for kreft 

    Håland, Erna; Næss, Siri Christine Kvernmo; Solbjør, Marit; Gilstad, Heidi; Melby, Line Kari (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Pakkeforløp for kreft, som ble innført i Norge i 2015, er standardiserte pasientforløp som har som målsetting å minimere ventetid og gjøre kreftbehandling mer forutsigbar og trygg for pasientene. Med pakkeforløpene ble det ...
  • Anti-Representationalism, Naturalism, and Placement Metaphysics 

    Knowles, Jonathan Lewis (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    A perennial issue in contemporary philosophy is the question of how, in Wilfrid Sellars’ terms, categories of the ‘manifest image’ relate to those of the ‘scientific image’. A widespread kind of naturalism assumes that the ...
  • New Public Management and hospital efficiency: the case of Norwegian public hospital trusts 

    Lindaas, Nils Arne; Anthun, Kjartan Sarheim; Magnussen, Jon (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)
    New Public Management-inspired reforms in the Norwegian hospital sector have introduced several features from the private sector into a predominantly public healthcare system. Since the late 1990s, several reforms have ...
  • Reliable Sensor Data Gathering with Bluetooth Mesh: An Experimental Study 

    Qaq, Hasan; Kulkarni, Omkar; Jiang, Yuming (Chapter, 2023)
    Bluetooth mesh is a recent addition to the IoT connectivity landscape. It provides a simple and efficient short-range wireless mesh networking solution. This paper evaluates the performance of a Bluetooth mesh-based IoT ...
  • A Bound on Peak Age of Information Distribution 

    Li, Zhidu; Zhong, Ailing; Jiang, Yuming; Tang, Tong; Wang, Ruyan (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    This paper presents a study on peak age of information (AoI), focusing on its distribution that is more important for AoI guarantees than the mean. Specifically, the relation of peak AoI to the underlying information ...
  • Escherichia coli-induced inflammatory responses are temperature-dependent in human whole blood ex vivo 

    Chaban, Viktoriia; de Boer, Eline; Ekholt, Karin; Vaage, Ingvar Jarle; Mollnes, Tom Eirik; Nilsson, Per; Pischke, Soeren; Islam, Rakibul (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
  • Multi-ancestry genome-wide association meta-analysis of Parkinson’s disease 

    Kim, Jonggeol Jeffrey; Vitale, Dan; Otani, Diego Véliz; Lian, Michelle Mulan; Heilbron, Karl; Aslibekyan, Stella; Auton, Adam; Babalola, Elizabeth; Bell, Robert K.; Bielenberg, Jessica; Bryc, Katarzyna; Bullis, Emily; Cannon, Paul; Coker, Daniella; Partida, Gabriel Cuellar; Dhamija, Devika; Das, Sayantan; Elson, Sarah L.; Eriksson, Nicholas; Filshtein, Teresa; Fitch, Alison; Fletez-Brant, Kipper; Fontanillas, Pierre; Freyman, Will; Granka, Julie M.; Hernandez, Alejandro; Hicks, Barry; Hinds, David A.; Jewett, Ethan M.; Jiang, Yunxuan; Kukar, Katelyn; Kwong, Alan; Lin, Keng-Han; Llamas, Bianca A.; Lowe, Maya; McCreight, Jey C.; McIntyre, Matthew H.; Micheletti, Steven J.; Moreno, Meghan E.; Nandakumar, Priyanka; Nguyen, Dominique T.; Noblin, Elizabeth S.; O’Connell, Jared; Petrakovitz, Aaron A.; Poznik, G. David; Reynoso, Alexandra; Schloetter, Madeleine; Schumacher, Morgan; Shastri, Anjali J.; Shelton, Janie F.; Shi, Jingchunzi; Shringarpure, Suyash; Su, Qiaojuan Jane; Tat, Susana A.; Tchakouté, Christophe Toukam; Tran, Vinh; Tung, Joyce Y.; Wang, Xin; Wang, Wei; Weldon, Catherine H.; Wilton, Peter; Wong, Corinna D.; Iwaki, Hirotaka; Lake, Julie; Solsberg, Caroline Warly; Leonard, Hampton; Makarious, Mary B.; Tan, Eng-King; Singleton, Andrew B.; Bandres-Ciga, Sara; Noyce, Alastair J.; Gatto, Emilia M.; Kauffman, Marcelo; Khachatryan, Samson; Tavadyan, Zaruhi; Shepherd, Claire E.; Hunter, Julie; Kumar, Kishore; Ellis, Melina; Rentería, Miguel E.; Koks, Sulev; Zimprich, Alexander; Schumacher-Schuh, Artur F.; Rieder, Carlos; Awad, Paula Saffie; Tumas, Vitor; Camargos, Sarah; Fon, Edward A.; Monchi, Oury; Fon, Ted; Galleguillos, Benjamin Pizarro; Miranda, Marcelo; Bustamante, Maria Leonor; Olguin, Patricio; Chana, Pedro; Tang, Beisha; Shang, Huifang; Guo, Jifeng; Chan, Piu; Luo, Wei; Arboleda, Gonzalo; Orozc, Jorge; del Rio, Marlene Jimenez; Hernandez, Alvaro; Salama, Mohamed; Kamel, Walaa A.; Zewde, Yared Z.; Brice, Alexis; Corvol, Jean-Christophe; Westenberger, Ana; Illarionova, Anastasia; Mollenhauer, Brit; Klein, Christine; Vollstedt, Eva-Juliane; Hopfner, Franziska; Höglinger, Günter; Madoev, Harutyun; Trinh, Joanne; Junker, Johanna; Lohmann, Katja; Lange, Lara M.; Sharma, Manu; Groppa, Sergiu; Gasser, Thomas; Fang, Zih-Hua; Akpalu, Albert; Xiromerisiou, Georgia; Hadjigorgiou, Georgios; Dagklis, Ioannis; Tarnanas, Ioannis; Stefanis, Leonidas; Stamelou, Maria; Dadiotis, Efthymios; Medina, Alex; Chan, Germaine Hiu-Fai; Ip, Nancy; Cheung, Nelson Yuk-Fai; Chan, Phillip; Zhou, Xiaopu; Kishore, Asha; Divya, K.P.; Pal, Pramod; Kukkle, Prashanth Lingappa; Rajan, Roopa; Borgohain, Rupam; Salari, Mehri; Quattrone, Andrea; Valente, Enza Maria; Parnetti, Lucilla; Avenali, Micol; Schirinzi, Tommaso; Funayama, Manabu; Hattori, Nobutaka; Shiraishi, Tomotaka; Karimova, Altynay; Kaishibayeva, Gulnaz; Shambetova, Cholpon; Krüger, Rejko; Tan, Ai Huey; Ahmad-Annuar, Azlina; Norlinah, Mohamed Ibrahim; Murad, Nor Azian Abdul; Azmin, Shahrul; Lim, Shen-Yang; Mohamed, Wael; Tay, Yi Wen; Martinez-Ramirez, Daniel; Rodriguez-Violante, Mayela; Reyes-Pérez, Paula; Tserensodnom, Bayasgalan; Ojha, Rajeev; Anderson, Tim J.; Pitcher, Toni L.; Sanyaolu, Arinola; Okubadejo, Njideka; Ojo, Oluwadamilola; Aasly, Jan; Pihlstrøm, Lasse; Tan, Manuela; Ur-Rehman, Shoaib; Veliz-Otani, Diego; Cornejo-Olivas, Mario; Doquenia, Maria Leila; Rosales, Raymond; Vinuela, Angel; Iakovenko, Elena; Mubarak, Bashayer Al; Umair, Muhammad; Amod, Ferzana; Carr, Jonathan; Bardien, Soraya; Jeon, Beomseok; Kim, Yun Joong; Cubo, Esther; Alvarez, Ignacio; Hoenicka, Janet; Beyer, Katrin; Periñan, Maria Teresa; Pastor, Pau; El-Sadig, Sarah; Brolin, Kajsa; Zweier, Christiane; Tinkhauser, Gerd; Krack, Paul; Lin, Chin-Hsien; Wu, Hsiu-Chuan; Kung, Pin-Jui; Wu, Ruey-Meei; Wu, Yihru; Amouri, Rim; Sassi, Samia Ben; Başak, A. Nazl; Genc, Gencer; Çakmak, Özgür Öztop; Ertan, Sibel; Martínez-Carrasco, Alejandro; Schrag, Anette; Schapira, Anthony; Carroll, Camille; Bale, Claire; Grosset, Donald; Stafford, Eleanor J.; Houlden, Henry; Morris, Huw R.; Hardy, John; Mok, Kin Ying; Rizig, Mie; Wood, Nicholas; Williams, Nigel; Okunoye, Olaitan; Lewis, Patrick Alfryn; Kaiyrzhanov, Rauan; Weil, Rimona; Love, Seth; Stott, Simon; Jasaityte, Simona; Dey, Sumit; Obese, Vida; Espay, Alberto; O’Grady, Alyssa; Sobering, Andrew K.; Siddiqi, Bernadette; Casey, Bradford; Fiske, Brian; Jonas, Cabell; Cruchaga, Carlos; Pantazis, Caroline B.; Comart, Charisse; Wegel, Claire; Hall, Deborah; Hernandez, Dena; Shiamim, Ejaz; Riley, Ekemini; Faghri, Faraz; Serrano, Geidy E.; Chen, Honglei; Mata, Ignacio F.; Sarmiento, Ignacio Juan Keller; Williamson, Jared; Jankovic, Joseph; Shulman, Joshua; Solle, Justin C.; Murphy, Kaileigh; Nuytemans, Karen; Kieburtz, Karl; Markopoulou, Katerina; Marek, Kenneth; Levine, Kristin S.; Chahine, Lana M.; Ibanez, Laura; Screven, Laurel; Ruffrage, Lauren; Shulman, Lisa; Marsili, Luca; Kuhl, Maggie; Dean, Marissa; Koretsky, Mathew; Puckelwartz, Megan J.; Inca-Martinez, Miguel; Louie, Naomi; Mencacci, Niccolò Emanuele; Albin, Roger; Alcalay, Roy; Walker, Ruth; Chowdhury, Sohini; Dumanis, Sonya; Lubbe, Steven; Xie, Tao; Foroud, Tatiana; Beach, Thomas; Sherer, Todd; Song, Yeajin; Nguyen, Duan; Nguyen, Toan; Atadzhanov, Masharip; Blauwendraat, Cornelis; Nalls, Mike A.; Foo, Jia Nee; Mata, Ignacio (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Although over 90 independent risk variants have been identified for Parkinson’s disease using genome-wide association studies, most studies have been performed in just one population at a time. Here we performed a large-scale ...
  • The effect of using desktop VR to practice preoperative handovers with the ISBAR approach: a randomized controlled trial 

    Andreasen, Eva Mari; Berg, Helen; Steinsbekk, Aslak Irgens; Høigaard, Rune; Haraldstad, Kristin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Aim The aim was to investigate whether second-year undergraduate nursing students practicing the Identification-Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation (ISBAR) communication approach in a desktop virtual reality ...

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