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dc.contributor.authorMolden, Thomas Hugaas
dc.contributor.authorTøssebro, Jan
dc.identifier.citationScandinavian Journal of Disability Research. 2012, 14 (4), 340-357.nb_NO
dc.description.abstractThis article addresses the issue of whether the choice of operational definition of disability in survey research affects findings. Earlier studies have shown that different definitions cause substantial variation in prevalence rates, as well as limited agreement on the classification of subjects as disabled or not disabled. The article addresses whether this leads to differences in research outcomes. The study compares seven existing measurements of disability. The analysis is carried out using a single dataset; the 2007 survey of disabled people's living conditions in Norway (N=1652). Results are reported for subject descriptors (gender, age, marital status, characteristics of impairment), social indicators (education, income and employment), and predictors of income and employment. The impact of the definition of disability on results is found to be modest in general but with exceptions: The definition of disability clearly affects employment rates and the type and degree of impairment of people classified as disabled. Consequences for disability research are discussed.nb_NO
dc.description.abstractDisability measurements: impact on research resultsnb_NO
dc.publisherStockholm University Pressnb_NO
dc.rightsNavngivelse 4.0 Internasjonal*
dc.titleDisability measurements: impact on research resultsnb_NO
dc.typeJournal articlenb_NO
dc.typePeer reviewednb_NO
dc.source.journalScandinavian Journal of Disability Researchnb_NO
dc.description.localcodeThis journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. There is no embargo on the journal’s publications. Submission and acceptance dates, along with publication dates, are made available on the PDF format for each paper. Authors of articles published remain the copyright holders and grant third parties the right to use, reproduce, and share the article according to the Creative Commons license agreement.nb_NO
cristin.unitnameInstitutt for sosialt arbeid

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Navngivelse 4.0 Internasjonal
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