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dc.contributor.authorSiljan, William Ward
dc.contributor.authorHolter, Jan Cato
dc.contributor.authorNymo, Ståle Haugset
dc.contributor.authorHusebye, Einar
dc.contributor.authorUeland, Thor
dc.contributor.authorAukrust, Pål
dc.contributor.authorMollnes, Tom Eirik
dc.contributor.authorHeggelund, Lars
dc.identifier.citationEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2018, 48 (1).nb_NO
dc.description.abstractBackground The inflammatory response to community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is orchestrated through activation of cytokine networks and the complement system. We examined the association of multiple cytokines and the terminal complement complex (TCC) with microbial aetiology, disease severity and short-term outcome. Materials and methods Plasma levels of 27 cytokines and TCC were analysed in blood samples obtained at hospital admission, clinical stabilization and 6-week follow-up from 247 hospitalized adults with CAP. Fourteen mediators were included in final analyses. Adverse short-term outcome was defined as intensive care unit (ICU) admission and 30-day mortality. Results Cytokine and TCC levels were dynamic in the clinical course of CAP, with highest levels seen at admission for most mediators. Admission levels of cytokines and TCC did not differ between groups of microbial aetiology. High admission levels of IL-6 (odds ratio [OR] 1.47, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.18-1.84, P = .001), IL-8 (OR 1.79, 95% CI 1.26-2.55, P = .001) and MIP-1β (OR 2.28, 95% CI 1.36-3.81, P = .002) were associated with a CURB-65 severity score of ≥3, while IL-6 (OR 1.37, 95% CI 1.07-1.74, P = .011) and MIP-1β (OR 1.86, 95% CI 1.03-3.36, P = .040) were associated with a high risk of an adverse short-term outcome. Conclusions In this CAP cohort, admission levels of IL-6, IL-8 and MIP-1β were associated with disease severity and/or adverse short-term outcome. Still, for most mediators, only nonsignificant variations in inflammatory responses were observed for groups of microbial aetiology, disease severity and short-term outcome.nb_NO
dc.rightsNavngivelse-Ikkekommersiell 4.0 Internasjonal*
dc.titleCytokine responses, microbial aetiology and short-term outcome in community-acquired pneumonianb_NO
dc.typeJournal articlenb_NO
dc.typePeer reviewednb_NO
dc.source.journalEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigationnb_NO
dc.relation.projectNorges forskningsråd: 223255nb_NO
dc.description.localcode© 2017 The Authors. European Journal of Clinical Investigation published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of Stichting European Society for Clinical Investigation Journal Foundation This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License, which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited and is not used for commercial purposes.nb_NO
cristin.unitnameInstitutt for klinisk og molekylær medisin

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Navngivelse-Ikkekommersiell 4.0 Internasjonal
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