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  • Changing diet in a changing world 

    Philippsen, Bente (Chapter, 2023)

    Santos, Guaciara M.; Leong, Christopher A.; Grootes, Pieter Meiert; Seiler, Martin Thomas; Svarva, Helene Løvstrand; Nadeau, Marie-Josee (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    Eight atmospheric carbon dioxide samples (as calcium carbonate—CaCO3—precipitates) from Lindesnes site (58ºN, 7ºE), belonging to 1963 and 1980 (four samples from each year) and stored at the National Laboratory for Age ...
  • The Radiocarbon Sample Archive of Trondheim 

    Seiler, Martin Thomas; Grootes, Pieter M; Svarva, Helene Løvstrand; Nadeau, Marie-Josee (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Atmospheric CO2 samples have been collected by the Trondheim Radiocarbon Laboratory since the 1960s. The remaining material from the measurements has been precipitated as CaCO3 and stored in glass containers. We investigated ...
  • Actuarial senescence progresses similarly across sites and species in four boreal orchids 

    Tholstrup, Ditte Wiig; Sletvold, Nina; Øien, Dag-Inge; Moen, Asbjørn; Colchero, Fernando; Dahlgren, Johan Petter (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)
    1. Whole-plant senescence, defined as a decrease in individual fitness as an organism grows older, has often been assumed to not occur in plants; however, it has now been detected in a range of plant taxa. Still, reported ...
  • The impact of farming on prehistoric culinary practices throughout Northern Europe 

    Lucquin, Alexandre; Robson, Harry K.; Oras, Ester; Lundy, Jasmine; Moretti, Giulia; González Carretero, Lara; Dekker, Joannes; Demirci, Özge; Dolbunova, Ekaterina; McLaughlin, T. Rowan; Piezonka, Henny; Talbot, Helen M.; Adamczak, Kamil; Czekaj-Zastawny, Agnieszka; Groß, Daniel; Gumiński, Witold; Hartz, Sönke; Kabaciński, Jacek; Koivisto, Satu; Linge, Trond Eilev; Meyer, Ann-Katrin; Mökkönen, Teemu; Philippsen, Bente; Piličiauskas, Gytis; Visocka, Vanda; Kriiska, Aivar; Raemaekers, Daan; Meadows, John; Heron, Carl; Craig, Oliver E. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    To investigate changes in culinary practices associated with the arrival of farming, we analysed the organic residues of over 1,000 pottery vessels from hunter-gatherer-fisher and early agricultural sites across Northern ...
  • Unravelling the history of a venetian antiphonary 

    Rzadeczka-Juga, Izabela; Nadeau, Marie-Josee; Juga, Pjotr; Zurbach, Damaris; Grootes, Pieter M; Svarva, Helene Løvstrand; Seiler, Martin Thomas (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    We present the results of a multifaceted study of an antiphonary—liturgical song book—presumably made in Venice in 1607, now in the Ringve, National Music Museum of Norway in Trondheim1. The book is hand-sewn on raised ...
  • Palaeoenvironmental and Palaeoclimatic Conditions in the Bhimtal Valley, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, Between 40 and 24 ka Using Granulometric Analysis 

    Kotlia, B.S.; Kukreti, Manmohan; Bisht, Harish; Palar, Biswajit; Seiler, Martin Thomas; Nadeau, Marie-Josee; Singh, A.K.; Joshi, L.M.; Sharma, Anupama; Kashyap, Rajkumar; Chand, Pooja; Gururani, Kalpana; Mehra, Abhishek (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    In this research, we conducted a detailed granulometric analysis of 9.5 m thick palaeolake succession, exposed at Bilaspur (Bhimtal) in the Kumaun Lesser Himalaya to reconstruct the palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic ...
  • Peatland restoration in Norway – evaluation of ongoing monitoring and identification of plant indicators of restoration success 

    Kyrkjeeide, Magni Olsen; Jokerud, Mari; Mehlhoop, Anne Catriona; Lunde, Linn Marie Foldnes; Fandrem, Marte; Lyngstad, Anders (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)
    Norway launched a national action plan on wetland restoration in 2016. So far, 90% of the restoration effort has been on peatland restoration, with about 140 mires restored so far. There are three main restoration goals ...
  • Phylogenomic structure and speciation in an emerging model: the Sphagnum magellanicum complex (Bryophyta) 

    Shaw, A. Jonathan; Piatkowski, Bryan; Duffy, Aaron M.; Aguero, Blanka; Imwattana, Karn; Nieto-Lugilde, Marta; Healey, Adam; Weston, David J.; Patel, Megan N.; Schmutz, Jeremy; Grimwood, Jane; Yavitt, Joseph B.; Hassel, Kristian; Stenøien, Hans K.; Flatberg, Kjell Ivar; Bickford, Christopher P.; Hicks, Karen A. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Sphagnum magellanicum is one of two Sphagnum species for which a reference-quality genome exists to facilitate research in ecological genomics. Phylogenetic and comparative genomic analyses were conducted based on ...
  • Conservation implications of elucidating the Korean wolf taxonomic ambiguity through whole-genome sequencing 

    Hernández-Alonso, Germán; Ramos-Madrigal, Jazmín; Sun, Xin; Scharff-Olsen, Camilla Hjorth; Sinding, Mikkel Holger Strander; Martins, Nuno F.; Ciucani, Marta Maria; Mak, Sarah S. T.; Lanigan, Liam Thomas; Clausen, Cecilie G.; Bhak, Jong; Jeon, Sungwon; Kim, Changjae; Eo, Kyung Yeon; Cho, Seong-Ho; Boldgiv, Bazartseren; Gantulga, Gankhuyag; Unudbayasgalan, Zunduibaatar; Kosintsev, Pavel A.; Stenøien, Hans Kristen; Gilbert, Marcus Thomas Pius; Gopalakrishnan, Shyam (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    The taxonomic status of the now likely extirpated Korean Peninsula wolf has been extensively debated, with some arguing it represents an independent wolf lineage, Canis coreanus. To investigate the Korean wolf's genetic ...
  • The extinct Sicilian wolf shows a complex history of isolation and admixture with ancient dogs 

    Ciucani, Marta Maria; Ramos-Madrigal, Jazmín; Hernández-Alonso, Germán; Carmagnini, Alberto; Aninta, Sabhrina Gita; Sun, Xin; Scharff-Olsen, Camilla Hjorth; Lanigan, Liam Thomas; Fracasso, Ilaria; Clausen, Cecilie G.; Aspi, Jouni; Kojola, Ilpo; Baltrūnaitė, Laima; Balčiauskas, Linas; Moore, Jane; Åkesson, Mikael; Saarma, Urmas; Hindrikson, Maris; Hulva, Pavel; Bolfíková, Barbora Černá; Nowak, Carsten; Godinho, Raquel; Smith, Steve; Paule, Ladislav; Nowak, Sabina; Mysłajek, Robert W.; Lo Brutto, Sabrina; Ciucci, Paolo; Boitani, Luigi; Vernesi, Cristiano; Stenøien, Hans Kristen; Smith, Oliver; Frantz, Laurent; Rossi, Lorenzo; Angelici, Francesco Maria; Cilli, Elisabetta; Sinding, Mikkel Holger Strander; Gilbert, Marcus Thomas Pius; Gopalakrishnan, Shyam (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    The Sicilian wolf remained isolated in Sicily from the end of the Pleistocene until its extermination in the 1930s–1960s. Given its long-term isolation on the island and distinctive morphology, the genetic origin of the ...
  • The paradox of searching efficiency or why are violent population cycles so uncommon in terrestrial ecosystem 

    Oksanen, Lauri; Vuorinen, Katariina Elsa M; Oksanen, Tarja Maarit (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    The searching efficiency of predators depends on the balance between the adaptations of the predator and the counter-adaptations of the prey. In this evolutionary race, the prey should normally have the upper hand, as it ...
  • Ginnerup Revisited. New Excavations at a Key Neolithic Site on Djursland, Denmark 

    Klassen, Lutz; Rasmussen, Uffe; Kveiborg, Jakob; Richards, Michael; Orlando, Ludovic; Svenning, Jens-Christian; Ritchie, Kenneth; Andreasen, Marianne Høyem; Philippsen, Bente; Iversen, Rune; Johannsen, Niels N. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    New excavations of an enclosure–related site at Ginnerup on Djursland, Denmark, in 2020 resulted in the identification of several features contain-ing depositions of marine shells. One of these, A4, is a natural depression ...
  • Vandringsruter og områdebruk til sjøørret og laks i Beiarfjorden og ved Sandhornøya 

    Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud; Eldøy, Sindre Håvarstein; Steinkjer, Enghild Kristine; Nilsen, Håvard Vedeler; Sjursen, Aslak Darre; Daverdin, Marc; Norderud, Nanna; Rønning, Lars (NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet naturhistorisk rapport, Research report, 2022)
  • Streptokokker (Gruppe A og B). Strategimøte nr 15, 2001 

    Lassen, Jørgen Fredrik; Sandven, Per; Vik, Einar; Bevanger, Lars; Gaustad, Peter; Høiby, Arne (Eksterne kvalitetsvurderinger i bakteriologi, mykologi og parasitt, Research report, 2003)
  • Regional Patterns of Late Medieval and Early Modern European Building Activity Revealed by Felling Dates 

    Ljungqvist, Fredrik Charpentier; Seim, Andrea; Tegel, Willy; Krusic, Paul J.; Baittinger, Claudia; Belingard, Christelle; Bernabei, Mauro; Bonde, Niels; Borghaerts, Paul; Couturier, Yann; Crone, Anne; van Daalen, Sjoerd; Daly, Aoife; Doeve, Petra; Domínguez-Delmás, Marta; Edouard, Jean-Louis; Frank, Thomas; Ginzler, Christian; Grabner, Michael; Gschwind, Friederike M.; Haneca, Kristof; Hansson, Anton; Herzig, Franz; Heussner, Karl-Uwe; Hofmann, Jutta; Houbrechts, David; Kaczka, Ryszard J.; Kolář, Tomáš; Kontic, Raymond; Kyncl, Tomáš; Labbas, Vincent; Lagerås, Per; Le Digol, Yannick; Le Roy, Melaine; Leuschner, Hanns Hubert; Linderson, Hans; Ludlow, Francis; Marais, Axel; Mills, Coralie M.; Neyses-Eiden, Mechthild; Nicolussi, Kurt; Perrault, Christophe; Pfeifer, Klaus; Rybníček, Michal; Rzepecki, Andreas; Schmidhalter, Martin; Seifert, Mathias; Shindo, Lisa; Spyt, Barbara; Susperregi, Josué; Svarva, Helene Løvstrand; Thun, Terje; Walder, Felix; Ważny, Tomasz; Werthe, Elise; Westphal, Thorsten; Wilson, Rob; Büntgen, Ulf (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Although variations in building activity are a useful indicator of societal well-being and demographic development, historical datasets for larger regions and longer periods are still rare. Here, we present 54,045 annually ...

    Grootes, Pieter Meiert; Van Der Plicht, Hans (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Hessel de Vries contributed to radiocarbon (14C) dating for only one short decade. Yet, his development of proportional CO2 counting greatly facilitated 14C measurements, improved their reproducibility, and lowered both ...
  • Gas Ion Source Performance of the EnvironMICADAS at HEKAL Laboratory, Debrecen, Hungary 

    Molnar, Mihaly; Meszaros, Marianna; Janovics, Robert; Major, Istvan; Hubay, Katalin; Buro, Botond; Varga, Tamas; Kertesz, Titanilla; Gergely, Virag; Vas, Adam; Orsovszki, Gergely; Molnar, Anita; Veres, Mihaly; Seiler, Martin; Wacker, Lukas; Jull, A J Timothy (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    A coupled accelerator mass spectrometer–gas interface system has been successfully operating at the Hertelendi Laboratory of Environmental Studies, Debrecen, Hungary, since 2013. Over the last 6 years more than 500 gas ...
  • Findings from an in-Depth Annual Tree-Ring Radiocarbon Intercomparison 

    Wacker, Lukas; Scott, Ethel Marian; Bayliss, Alex; Brown, David; Bard, Édouard; Bollhalder, Silvia; Friedrich, Michael; Capano, Manuela; Cherkinsky, Alexander; Chivall, David; Culleton, Brendan J.; Dee, Michael W; Friedrich, Ronny; Hodgins, Gregory W.L.; Hogg, Alan G.; Kennett, Douglas J.; Knowles, Timothy D.; Kuitems, Margot; Lange, Todd E.; Miyake, Fusa; Nadeau, Marie-Josée; Nakamura, Toshio; Naysmith, J.P.; Olsen, Jesper; Omori, Toshihiko; Petchey, Fiona; Philippsen, Bente; Ramsey, Christopher Bronk; Prasad, G.V.A.; Seiler, Martin; Southon, John; Staff, Richard A.; Tuna, Thibaut (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    The radiocarbon (14C) calibration curve so far contains annually resolved data only for a short period of time. With accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) matching the precision of decay counting, it is now possible to ...
  • Quaternary landscape evolution in a tectonically active rift basin (paleo-lake Mweru, south-central Africa) 

    Olivotos, Spiros; Niedermann, Samuel; Flügel, Tyrel; Mouslopoulou, Vasiliki; Merchel, Silke; Cotterill, Fenton; Bookhagen, Bodo; Gärtner, Andreas; Rugel, Georg; Scharf, Andreas; Nadeau, Marie-Josée; Braucher, Régis; Seiler, Martin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Located between the Northern Province of Zambia and the southeastern Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lakes Mweru and Mweru Wantipa are part of the southwest extension of the East African Rift System ...

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