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  • Molecular dietary analyses of western capercaillies (Tetrao urogallus) reveal a diverse diet 

    Chua, Physilia Y. S.; Lammers, Youri; Menoni, Emmanuel; Ekrem, Torbjørn; Bohmann, Kristine; Boessenkool, Sanne; Alsos, Inger Greve (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Conservation strategies centered around species habitat protection rely on species’ dietary information. One species at the focal point of conservation efforts is the herbivorous grouse, the western capercaillie (Tetrao ...
  • Runs of homozygosity in killer whale genomes provide a global record of demographic histories 

    Foote, Andrew; Hooper, Rebecca; Alexander, Alana; Baird, Robin; Baker, Scott; Ballance, Lisa; Barlow, Jay; Brownlow, Andrew; Collins, Tim; Constantine, Rochelle; Rosa, Luciano Dalla; Davison, Nicholas J.; Durban, John; Esteban, Ruth; Excoffier, Laurent; Forney, Karin A.; Gerrodette, Tim; Gilbert, Marcus Thomas Pius; Guinet, Christophe; Hanson, M. Bradley; Li, Songhai; Martin, Sarah; Martin, Michael David; Robertson, Kelly M.; Samarra, Filipa I.P.; de Stephanis, Renaud; Tavares, Sara B.; Tixier, Paul; Totterdell, John A.; Wade, Paul; Wolf, Jochen B.W.; Fan, Guangyi; Zhang, Yaolei; Morin, Phillip A. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Runs of homozygosity (ROH) occur when offspring inherit haplotypes that are identical by descent from each parent. Length distributions of ROH are informative about population history; specifically, the probability of ...
  • The Future of DNA Barcoding: Reflections from Early Career Researchers 

    Grant, Danielle M.; Brodnicke, Ole Bjørn; Evankow, Ann; Ferreira, André O.; Fontes, João T.; Hansen, Aslak Kappel; Jensen, Mads Reinholdt; Kalaycı, Tuğba Ergül; Leeper, Alexandra Eve Joyce; Patil, Shalaka Kiran; Prati, Sebastian; Reunamo, Anna; Roberts, Aradhana J; Shigdel, Rajesh; Tyukosova, Valentina; Bendiksby, Mika; Blaalid, Rakel; Costa, Filipe O.; Hollingsworth, Peter M.; Stur, Elisabeth; Ekrem, Torbjørn (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Over the last two decades, the use of DNA barcodes has transformed our ability to identify and assess life on our planet. Both strengths and weaknesses of the method have been exemplified through thousands of peer-reviewed ...
  • Ancient and modern genomes unravel the evolutionary history of the rhinoceros family 

    Liu, Shanlin; Westbury, Michael V; Dussex, Nicolas; Mitchell, Kieren J.; Sinding, Mikkel-Holger S.; Heintzman, Peter D.; Duchêne, David A.; Kapp, Joshua D.; von Seth, Johanna; Heiniger, Holly; Sánchez-Barreiro, Fatima; Margaryan, Ashot; André-Olsen, Remi; De Cahsan, Binia; Meng, Guanliang; Yang, Chentao; Chen, Lei; van der Valk, Tom; Moodley, Yoshan; Rookmaaker, Kees; Bruford, Michael W.; Ryder, Oliver; Steiner, Cynthia; Bruins-van Sonsbeek, Linda G. R.; Vartanyan, Sergey; Guo, Chunxue; Cooper, Alan; Kosintsev, Pavel; Kirillova, Irina V.; Lister, Adrian M.; Marques-Bonet, Tomas; Gopalakrishnan, Shyam; Dunn, Robert R.; Lorenzen, Eline D.; Shapiro, Beth; Zhang, Guojie; Antoine, Pierre-Olivier; Dalén, Love; Gilbert, Marcus Thomas Pius (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Only five species of the once-diverse Rhinocerotidae remain, making the reconstruction of their evolutionary history a challenge to biologists since Darwin. We sequenced genomes from five rhinoceros species (three extinct ...
  • Connected by water, no matter how far. Viking Age central farms at the Trondheimsfjorden, Norway, as gateways between waterscapes and landscapes 

    Maixner, Birgit (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    – During the Viking Age, the Trondheimsfjorden in Central Norway emerges as a hub of maritime communication and exchange, supported by an advanced ship-building technology which offered excellent conditions for water-bound ...
  • The concealed interment of a first-trimester foetus in Gällared Parish Church (1831), Sweden: Age estimation and reconstructed taphonomy 

    Maltin, Emma; Turner-Walker, Gordon; Tegnhed, Stina; Peacock, Elizabeth E. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    In 2015, during architectural restoration works on the parish church (1831) in Gällared, Sweden, a small wooden box was discovered beneath the floorboards. Unaware of the possible significance of the box and its contents, ...
  • Low Prevalence of Lactase Persistence in Bronze Age Europe Indicates Ongoing Strong Selection over the Last 3,000 Years 

    Burger, Joachim; Link, Vivian; Blöcher, Jens; Schulz, Anna; Sell, Christian; Pochon, Zoé; Diekmann, Yoan; Zegarac, Aleksandra; Hofmanová, Zuzana; Winkelbach, Laura; Reyna-Blanco, Carlos S.; Bieker, Vanessa Carina; Orschiedt, Jörg; Brinker, Ute; Scheu, Amelie; Leuenberger, Christoph; Bertino, Thomas S.; Bollongino, Ruth; Lidke, Gundula; Stefanovic, Sofija; Jantzen, Detlef; Kaiser, Elke; Terberger, Thomas; Thomas, Mark G.; Veeramah, Krishna R.; Wegmann, Daniel (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Lactase persistence (LP), the continued expression of lactase into adulthood, is the most strongly selected single gene trait over the last 10,000 years in multiple human populations. It has been posited that the primary ...
  • SoilTemp: A global database of near-surface temperature 

    Lembrechts, Jonas J.; Smith, Stuart; Halbritter, Aud Helen; Graae, Bente Jessen; Sørensen, Mia Vedel; Speed, James David Mervyn; Wedegärtner, Ronja Elisabeth Magdalene (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Current analyses and predictions of spatially explicit patterns and processes in ecology most often rely on climate data interpolated from standardized weather stations. This interpolated climate data represents long-term ...
  • The Arthropod Fauna of Oak (Quercus spp., Fagaceae) Canopies in Norway 

    Thunes, Karl H; Søli, Geir Einar Ellefsen; Thuroczy, Csaba; Fjellberg, Arne; Olberg, Stefan; Roth, Steffen; Coulianos, Carl-Cedric; Disney, R. Henry L.; Stary, Josef; Vierbergen, G; Jonassen, Terje; Anonby, Johannes; Köhler, Arne; Menzel, Frank; Szadziewski, Ryszard; Stur, Elisabeth; Adaschkiewitz, Wolfgang; Olsen, Kjell Magne; Kvamme, Torstein; Endrestøl, Anders; Podenas, Sigitas; Kobro, Sverre; Hansen, Lars Ove; Kvifte, Gunnar Mikalsen; Haenni, Jean-Paul; Boumans, Louis (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    (1) We document the invertebrate fauna collected from 24 oak canopies in east and west Norway as a contribution to the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre’s ‘The Norwegian Taxonomy Initiative’. (2) A snap-shot inventory ...
  • Transcriptomics unravels molecular players shaping dorsal lip hypertrophy in the vacuum cleaner cichlid, Gnathochromis permaxillaris 

    Lecaudey, Laurene Alicia; Singh, Pooja; Sturmbauer, Christian; Dünser, Anna; Gessl, Wolfgang; Ahi, Ehsan Pashay (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Background Teleosts display a spectacular diversity of craniofacial adaptations that often mediates ecological specializations. A considerable amount of research has revealed molecular players underlying skeletal ...
  • Development of a risk assessment for sea trout in coastal areas exploited for aquaculture 

    Finstad, Bengt; Sandvik, Anne Dagrun; Ugedal, Ola; Vollset, Knut; Karlsen, Ørjan; Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud; Sægrov, Harald; Lennox, Robert J. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    ABSTRACT: The regulation of aquaculture production in Norway considers the potential impact of salmon lice on wild fish. However, most attention has been focused on impacts on wild Atlantic salmon, despite the fact that ...
  • Rapid Parallel Adaptation to Anthropogenic Heavy Metal Pollution 

    Papadopulos, Alexander; Helmstetter, A.; Osborne, Owen; Comeault, Aaron; Wood, Daniel; Straw, Edward; Mason, Laurence; Fay, Michael F; Foote, Andrew; Parker, Joe; Dunning, Luke; Smith, Rhian; Lighten, Jackie (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    The impact of human-mediated environmental change on the evolutionary trajectories of wild organisms is poorly understood. In particular, species’ capacities to adapt rapidly (in hundreds of generations or less), reproducibly ...
  • Using historical herbarium specimens to elucidate the evolutionary genomics of plant invasion 

    Bieker, Vanessa Carina (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2021:77, Doctoral thesis, 2021)
    The world’s herbarium collections contain a vast number of specimens that were collected up to 400 years ago. Due to recent advances in DNA extraction and sequencing, these specimens are now readily available for use in ...
  • Environmental variables driving species composition in subarctic springs in the face of climate change 

    Miller, Tara K.; Heegaard, Einar; Hassel, Kristian; Kapfer, Jutta (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Questions Which environmental variables are most important in determining plant species composition in subarctic springs? Do observed patterns differ between typical wetland and general matrix‐derived species? Location ...
  • Ancient and modern stickleback genomes reveal the demographic constraints on adaptation 

    Kirch, Melanie; Romundset, Anders; Gilbert, Marcus Thomas Pius; Jones, Felicity C.; Foote, Andrew (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Adaptation is typically studied by comparing modern populations with contrasting environments. Individuals persisting in the ancestral habitat are typically used to represent the ancestral founding population; however, it ...
  • The Gällared shroud and the preservation of a clandestine early 19th century foetal burial 

    Peacock, Elizabeth E.; Tegnhed, Stina; Maltin, Emma; Turner-Walker, Gordon Howard (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
  • Building genomic infrastructure: Sequencing platinum-standard reference-quality genomes of all cetacean species. 

    Morin, Phillip A.; Alexander, Alana; Blaxter, Mark; Caballero, Susana; Fedrigo, Olivier; Fontaine, Michaël C.; Foote, Andrew; Kuraku, Shigehiro; Maloney, Brigid; McCarthy, Morgan; McGowen, Michael; Mountcastle, Jacquelyn; Nery, Mariana; Olsen, Morten Tange; Rosel, Patricia; Jarvis, Erich D. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
  • Corals as substrate for tube-dwelling anemones 

    Ceriello, Hellen; Costa, Gabriel G.; Bakken, Torkild; Stampar, Sergio N. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    This study is about seven individuals of Botrucnidifer norvegicus Carlgren, 1912 (Anthozoa, Ceriantharia) that were attached to a stony deep-sea coral, Desmophyllum pertusum Linnaeus, 1758 (Anthozoa, Scleractinia). They ...
  • The first comprehensive DNA barcode reference library of Chinese Tanytarsus (Diptera: Chironomidae) for environmental DNA metabarcoding 

    Lin, Xiaolong; Mo, Lidong; Bu, Wen-Jun; Wang, Xin-Hua (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Aim: Reliable DNA barcode reference libraries are critical for biodiversity monitoring based on Environmental DNA (eDNA). DNA barcoding has proven successful in species delimitation and association of life stages in many ...
  • Sensor-Carrying Platforms 

    Sørensen, Asgeir Johan; Ludvigsen, Martin; Norgren, Petter; Ødegård, Øyvind; Cottier, Finlo Robert (Chapter, 2020)
    Information and communication technology, autonomy, and miniaturization in terms of, for example, microelectromechanical systems are enabling technologies with significant impact on the development of sensors, sensor-carrying ...

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