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  • Psychiatric Comorbidity in Epilepsy 

    Revdal, Eline (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2024:146, Doctoral thesis, 2024)
    Epilepsy is a disease of the brain defined by recurrent epileptic seizures with various clinical presentations. The disorder has neurobiological, cognitive, psychological, and social consequences. Many of the epilepsies ...
  • Large-Scale Pre-Training for Dual-Accelerometer Human Activity Recognition 

    Logacjov, Aleksej; Herland, Sverre; Ustad, Astrid; Bach, Kerstin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
  • The Mode of Endurance Exercise Influences Changes in EEG Resting-State Graphs among High-Level Cross-Country Skiers 

    Büchel, Daniel; Torvik, Per Øyvind; Lehmann, T.I.M.; Sandbakk, Øyvind Bucher; Baumeister, Jochen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Purpose Acute bouts of exercise influence the communication and organization of brain networks, with exercise intensity and volume regarded as key moderators. However, differences in coordination demands and limb involvement ...
  • Training Quality-What Is It and How Can We Improve It? 

    Sandbakk, Silvana Bucher; Walther, Jacob; Solli, Guro Strøm; Tønnessen, Espen; Haugen, Thomas (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    Purpose: The concept of training quality reflects that the effect of training is dependent on more than the mere product of training load (eg, duration, intensity, frequency). The aims of this commentary are to (1) propose ...
  • Persistent Use of Prescription Opioids Before and After Lumbar Spine Surgery: Observational Study With Prospectively Collected Data From Two Norwegian National Registries 

    Holmberg, Siril T.; Skurtveit, Svetlana; Gulati, Sasha; Salvesen, Øyvind; Nygaard, Øystein P.; Solberg, Tore K.; Fredheim, Olav M. S. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Study design. Prospective pharmacoepidemiologic study Objective. To investigate clinical and sociodemographic factors associated with persistent opioid use in the years following spine surgery among patients with persistent ...
  • Computed Tomography Lesions and Their Association With Global Outcome in Young People With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury 

    Riemann, Lennart; Mikolic, Ana; Maas, Andrew; Unterberg, Andreas; Younsi, Alexander; Åkerlund, Cecilia; Amrein, Krisztina; Andelic, Nada; K Frisvold, Shirin; Andreassen, Lasse; Anke, Audny Gabriele Wagner; Antoni, Anna; Audibert, Gérard; Azouvi, Philippe; Azzolini, Maria Luisa; Bartels, Ronald; Barzó, Pál; Beauvais, Romuald; Beer, Ronny; Bellander, Bo-Michael; Belli, Antonio; Berardino, Maurizio; Benali, Habib; Beretta, Luigi; Blaabjerg, Morten; Bragge, Peter; Brazinova, Alexandra; Brooker, Joanne; Brinck, Vibeke; Brorsson, Camilla; Buki, Andras; Bullinger, Monika; Cabeleira, Manuel; Caccioppola, Alessio; Calappi, Emiliana; Calvi, Maria Rosa; Cameron, Peter; Carbayo Lozano, Guillermo; Carbonara, Marco; Cavallo, Simona; Chevallard, Giorgio; Chieregato, Arturo; Citerio, Giuseppe; Clusmann, Hans; Coburn, Mark; Coles, Jonathan; Cooper, Jamie D.; Correia, Marta; Čović, Amra; Curry, Nicola; Czosnyka, Marek; Czeiter, Endre; Dahyot-Fizelier, Claire; Dark, Paul; Dawes, Helen; De Keyser, Veronique; Degos, Vincent; Della Corte, Francesco; den Boogert, Hugo; Depreitere, Bart; Đilvesi, Đula; Dixit, Abhishek; Helseth, Eirik; Røe, Cecilie; Skandsen, Toril; Røise, Olav; Vik, Anne (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) can be accompanied by structural damage to the brain. Here, we investigated how the presence of intracranial traumatic computed tomography (CT) pathologies relates to the global functional ...
  • Forskjeller i mortalitet hos traumepasienter 

    Wisborg, Torben; Dehli, Trond; Eken, Torsten; Brattebø, Guttorm; Johnsen, Lars Gunnar (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Mortaliteten blant norske traumepasienter i perioden 2015–18 var på linje med de beste resultatene fra andre land, men fortsatt fant vi regionale forskjeller og forskjeller mellom sykehusnivåer. Selv om resultatene er bra, ...
  • Peak nasal inspiratory flow in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease* 

    Thorstensen, Wenche Moe; Øie, Marte Rystad; Sue-Chu, Malcolm; Steinsvåg, Sverre Karmhus; Helvik, Anne-Sofie (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    BACKGROUND: The nasal airflow in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is poorly characterized. Peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF) is a valuable instrument for assessing nasal airflow and the effect of pulmonary ...
  • Local Delay Plasticity Supports Generalized Learning in Spiking Neural Networks 

    Farner, Jørgen Jensen; Huse Ramstad, Ola; Nichele, Stefano; Heiney, Kristine (Chapter, 2023)
    We propose a novel local learning rule for spiking neural networks in which spike propagation times undergo activity-dependent plasticity. Our plasticity rule aligns pre-synaptic spike times to produce a stronger and more ...
  • Does your EHR support a Learning Healthcare System? An exploration of possible indicators 

    Golburean, Olga; Lintvedt, Ove; Nordheim, Espen Solbakken; Pedersen, Rune; Ruiz, Luis Marco; Faxvaag, Arild (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
    Background: The Learning Health System is a concept born from the Institute of Medicine roundtable in 2006 which aims for overcoming the limitations of evidence-based medicine. Since its conception several nations and ...
  • Acute thalamic connectivity precedes chronic post-concussive symptoms in mild traumatic brain injury 

    Woodrow, Rebecca E; Winzeck, Stefan; Luppi, Andrea I; Kelleher-Unger, Isaac R; Spindler, Lennart R B; Wilson, J T Lindsay; Newcombe, Virginia F.J.; Coles, Jonathan P; Menon, David K; Stamatakis, Emmanuel A; Amrein, Krisztina; Andelic, Nada; Frisvold, Shirin K; Anke, Audny Gabriele Wagner; Andreassen, Lasse; Azouvi, Philippe; Bellander, Bo- Michael; Benali, Habib; Caccioppola, Alessio; Buki, Andras; Calappi, Emiliana; Citerio, Guiseppe; Carbonara, Marco; Clusmann, Hans; Coburn, Mark; Coles, Jonathan; Correia, Marta; Czeiter, Endre; De Keyser, Véronique; Degos, Vincent; Depreitere, Bart; Eikenes, Live; Ezer, Erzsébet; Foks, Kelly; Ghuysen, Alexandre; Galanaud, Damien; Glocker, Ben; Håberg, Asta; Haitsma, Iain; Helseth, Eirik; Hutchinson, Peter J.; Kornaropoulos, Evgenios; Kovács, Noémi; Kowark, Ana; Laureys, Steven; Ledoux, Didier; Lingsma, Hester; Maas, Andrew I. R.; Manley, Geoffrey; Menovsky, Tomas; Misset, Benoit; Muraleedharan, Visakh; Nakken, Ingeborg; Nordhøy, Wibeke; Nyirádi, József; Ortolano, Fabrizio; Parizel, Paul M.; Perlbarg, Vincent; Persona, Paolo; Peul, Wilco; Posti, Jussi P.; Puybasset, Louis; Richter, Sophie; Røe, Cecilie; Røise, Olav; Rossaint, Rolf; Rossi, Sandra; Rueckert, Daniel; Skandsen, Toril; Sorinola, Abayomi; Steyerberg, Ewout W; Stocchetti, Nino; Takala, Riikka; Tamás, Viktória; Tenovuo, Olli; Vámos, Zoltán; Van der Steen, Gregory; Van Hecke, Wim; Vande Vyvere, Thijs; Verheyden, Jan; Vik, Anne; Volovici, Victor; Westlye, Lars Tjelta; Williams, Guy; Ylen, Peter; Zoerle, Tommaso (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    Chronic post-concussive symptoms are common after mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and are difficult to predict or treat. Thalamic functional integrity is particularly vulnerable in mTBI and may be related to long-term ...
  • Short-term effects and long-term changes of FUEL—a digital sports nutrition intervention on REDs related symptoms in female athletes 

    Fahrenholtz, Ida; Melin, Anna Katarina; Garthe, Ina; Wasserfurth, Paulina; Ivarsson, Andreas; Hollekim-Strand, Siri Marte; Koehler, Karsten; Logue, Danielle; Madigan, Sharon; Gräfnings, Maria; Torstveit, Monica Klungland (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    Female endurance athletes are at high risk for developing Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs), resulting in symptoms such as menstrual dysfunction and gastrointestinal (GI) problems. The primary aim of this study ...
  • Healthcare Workers’ Participation in Physical Activity in Uyo, Nigeria 

    Sylva Chikwado Nnadozie (Master thesis, 2023)
    Background and Purpose: There is a growing concern about decline in physical activity (PA) worldwide, also among healthcare workers who are supposedly role models to patients. Many African countries are disproportionally ...
  • High‐frequency resistance training improves maximal lower limb strength more than low frequency 

    Pedersen, Helene; Iversen, Vegard Moe; Vereide, Pål Frøyen; Stien, Nicolay; Sæterbakken, Atle Hole; Fimland, Marius Steiro; Schoenfeldt, Brad J; Andersen, Vidar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2024)
    This study compared the effects of a weekly lower body resistance-training program divided into low frequency (LOW, one long session) versus high frequency (HIGH, four shorter sessions) in resistance-trained individuals. ...
  • Tick-Tock Goes the Biological Clock: Challenges Facing Elite Scandinavian Mother-Athletes 

    Bergström, Max Viktor Jonathan; Sæther, Stig Arve; Solli, Guro Strøm; McGawley, Kerry (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Challenges facing mother-athletes (MAs) have aroused research and media attention in recent years, with an increasing number of sportswomen attempting to successfully combine pregnancy and motherhood with an elite athletic ...
  • Occupational therapy students’ concepts of learning: cross-sectional and longitudinal associations with deep, strategic, and surface study strategies 

    Tannoubi, Amayra; Mørk, Gry; Stigen, Linda; Gramstad, Astrid; Magne, Trine A; Carstensen, Tove; Bonsaksen, Tore (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)
    This study aimed to gain knowledge about the cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between learning concepts and approaches to studying among occupational therapy students. A repeated cross-sectional design was ...
  • En kvinne i 60-årene som ikke lenger gjenkjente det hun så 

    Nilsen, Henning Yu; Jørstad, Anna-Katharina; Ryan, Stephen James; Moe, Morten Carsten; Grimstad, Kristoffer; Aamodt, Anne Hege; Holmøy, Trygve; Jørstad, Øystein Kalsnes (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
  • Moderators of the effect of therapeutic exercise for knee and hip osteoarthritis: a systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis 

    Holden, Melanie; Hattle, Miriam; Runhaar, Jos; Riley, Richard D; Healey, Emma L.; Quicke, Jonathan; Van der Windt, Danielle A.; Dziedzic, Krysia; van Middelkoop, Marienke; Burke, Danielle; Corp, Nadia; Legha, Amardeep; Bierma-Zeinstra, Sita; Foster, Nadine E.; Abbott, J Haxby; Allen, Kelli; Bennell, Kim; Bossen, Daniel; Chaipinyo, Kanda; Cochrane, Tom; de Rooij, Mariëtte; Risberg, May Arna; Fitzgerald, Geraldine Kelley; French, Helen; Hale, L; Henriksen, Marius; Hinman, Rana S.; Hopman-Rock, Marijke; Hurley, Michael; Keogh, Justin; Veenhof, cindy; Knoop, J; Krauss, Inga; Levinger, Pazit; McCarthy, C.; Messier, Stephen P; Heinonen, Ari; Østerås, Håvard; Anwer, Shahnawaz; Lacerda, Ana Cristyna Reis; Ganesh, S; Steinhilber, Benjamin; Suzuki, Yusuke; Hunt, Michael A.; Talbot, Laura; Teirlinck, Carolien; Doherty, Michael; Tsai, Pao-Feng; Wallis, Jason A; Menek, Merve Yilmaz (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Background Many international clinical guidelines recommend therapeutic exercise as a core treatment for knee and hip osteoarthritis. We aimed to identify individual patient-level moderators of the effect of therapeutic ...
  • The Evolution of World-Class Endurance Training: The Scientist's View on Current and Future Trends 

    Sandbakk, Øyvind Bucher; Pyne, David B.; McGawley, Kerry; Foster, Carl; Kjøsen Talsnes, Rune; Solli, Guro Strøm; Millet, Grégoire P; Seiler, Stephen; Laursen, Paul Byron; Haugen, Thomas André; Tønnessen, Espen; Wilber, Randy; van Erp, Teun; Stellingwerff, Trent; Holmberg, Hans-Christer; Sandbakk, Silvana Bucher (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Background: Elite sport is continuously evolving. World records keep falling and athletes from a longer list of countries are involved. Purpose: This commentary was designed to provide insights into present and future ...
  • One‑year prevalence of cluster headache, hemicrania continua, paroxysmal hemicrania and SUNCT in Norway: a population‑based nationwide registry study 

    Hagen, Knut (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)
    Background - There is lack of population-based studies evaluating the prevalence of paroxysmal hemicrania, hemicrania continua and short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache attacks. Objectives - The aim of this study ...

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