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    • 3D robot vision using multiple cameras 

      Raknes, Sindre (Master thesis, 2016)
      3D computer vision has in recent years become more popular in regards to robotic vision systems. This thesis looks into the possibility of using a multiple 3D camera setup for robotic vision. The approach is to reconstruct ...
    • A Curvature-Based Descriptor for Point Cloud Alignment Using Conformal Geometric Algebra 

      Kleppe, Adam Leon; Egeland, Olav (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      This paper presents a descriptor for course alignment of point clouds using conformal geometric algebra. The method is based on selecting keypoints depending on shape factors to identify distinct features of the object ...
    • Active and passive damping systems for vibration control of metal machining equipment 

      Hermanrud, Ole Christian (Master thesis, 2017)
      Passive damping is used to reduce vibrations of machining tools. The drawback with the passive damping system is that it is adjusted to damp out vibrations in one restricted frequency range. Active damping uses real time ...
    • Adaptive Control of Subsea Processes 

      Ohrem, Sveinung Johan (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2019:217, Doctoral thesis, 2019)
    • An EKF for Lie Groups with Application to Crane Load Dynamics 

      Sjøberg, Alexander Meyer; Egeland, Olav (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      An extended Kalman filter (EKF) for systems with configuration given by matrix Lie groups is presented. The error dynamics are given by the logarithm of the Lie group and are based on the kinematic differential equation ...
    • Analysis of Compact Separation Systems and Experimental Study of Centrifugal Separation in Helically Coiled Pipes 

      Vidnes, Jonas; Engvik, Sverre Andre (Master thesis, 2015)
      The offshore petroleum industry is experiencing challenges as exploration and production are forced towards remote and deep reservoirs, combined with high cost-efficiency demands. Topside facilities struggle with limited ...
    • Applied Runge–Kutta–Munthe-Kaas Integration for the Quaternion Kinematics 

      Sveier, Aksel; Sjøberg, Alexander Meyer; Egeland, Olav (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    • Assessment of Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling 

      Vedvik, Noralf (Master thesis, 2015)
    • Assessment of Welded Structural Joints in Subsea Module Frames 

      Bjelland, Morten (Master thesis, 2018)
      In structural design, optimization is a keyword by means of selecting the best design within the boundary conditions provided by a given system. Structural engineering is a well-known discipline and there have been conducted ...
    • Attitude Estimation with IMUs using Machine Learning 

      Samuelsen, Eirik Berg (Master thesis, 2022)
      Rimelige Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) måler vinkelhastigheter og aksellerasjoner ved bruk av et gyroskop og et aksellerometer. De er brukt i mange forskjellige situasjoner til å ...
    • Automated assembly using 3D and 2D cameras 

      Kleppe, Adam Leon; Bjørkedal, Asgeir; Larsen, Kristoffer; Egeland, Olav (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      D and 3D computer vision systems are frequently being used in automated production to detect and determine the position of objects. Accuracy is important in the production industry, and computer vision systems require ...
    • Automatic Differentiation and Optimization of Multivectors: Estimating Motors in Conformal Geometric Algebra 

      Tingelstad, Lars (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2017:189, Doctoral thesis, 2017)
      This thesis is on the estimation of rigid body motions from observations of points, lines, and planes in conformal geometric algebra using nonlinear least-squares optimization. Distance measures based on the ratio and ...
    • Automatic Multivector Differentiation and Optimization 

      Tingelstad, Lars; Egeland, Olav (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      In this work, we present a novel approach to non-linear optimization of multivectors in the Euclidean and conformal model of geometric algebra by introducing automatic differentiation. This is used to compute gradients and ...
    • Automatic touch-up of welding paths using 3D vision 

      Njåstad, Eirik Bjørndal; Egeland, Olav (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      This paper presents a system for automatic robotic welding based on offline programming using CAD data. The welding paths are corrected before execution with 3D vision where the 3D image is aligned with the CAD model of ...
    • Bruk av robotsyn for griping av et objekt i bevegelse 

      Engesæter, Jens Arne K (Master thesis, 2015)
      Målsetningen for dette prosjektet var å få en manipulator til å gripe et objekt i bevegelse ved bruk av robot syn. To deteksjonsmetoder ble sammenlignet og implementert i et kamerabasert styringssystem i robotcellen ved ...
    • Camera Pose Estimation using Line Segments 

      Holen, Hans Kristian (Master thesis, 2019)
      Denne masteroppgaven har som mål å se nærmere på estimering av kameraposisjon ved å benytte seg av linjer samt bruksområder rundt dette feltet. Posisjonsestimering med linjer bruker korrespondansen mellom linjer gjenkjent ...
    • Coarse Alignment for Model Fitting of Point Clouds Using a Curvature-Based Descriptor 

      Kleppe, Adam Leon; Tingelstad, Lars; Egeland, Olav (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      This paper presents a method for coarse alignment of point clouds by introducing a new descriptor based on the local curvature. The method is developed for model fitting a CAD model for use in robotic assembly. The method ...
    • Coiled tubing drilling system placed on the seabed 

      Ueland, Martin Skiftestad (Master thesis, 2016)
      In recent years, the demand for more cost effective solutions within the oil industry has been huge. Low oil prices mean that innovation and new intelligent solutions are required to get profit. The focus is on reducing ...
    • Comparative study of different Methods for Slug control 

      Meringdal, Eskil Hove (Master thesis, 2014)
      This thesis looks into how to create a dynamic model of riser slugging. The model created is a six-state model based on mass conservation of the gas and liquid phases in the well, pipeline and riser. Matlab is used to ...
    • Computational Study of Hydraulic Accumulators 

      Hiis, Espen Charles Brekka (Master thesis, 2018)
      The scope of this project is to make a CFD model to be used for getting a better understanding of accumulator discharge. To be able to establish the models credibility is there a need for validation of the models developed. ...