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  • Redefining the oceanic distribution of Atlantic salmon 

    Rikardsen, Audun H.; Righton, David; Strøm, John Fredrik; Thorstad, Eva Bonsak; Gargan, Patrick G.; Sheehan, Timothy F.; Økland, Finn; Chittenden, Cedar; Hedger, Richard David; Næsje, Tor; Renkawitz, Mark; Sturlaugsson, Johannes; Caballero, Pablo; Baktoft, Henrik; Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud; Halttunen, Elina; Wright, Serena; Finstad, Bengt; Aarestrup, Kim (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Determining the mechanisms driving range-wide reductions in Atlantic salmon marine survival is hindered by an insufcient understanding of their oceanic ecology and distribution. We attached 204 pop-up satellite archival ...
  • Life-history strategies in salmonids: the role of physiology and its consequences 

    Birnie-Gauvin, Kim; Bordeleau, Xavier; Cooke, Steven J.; Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud; Eldøy, Sindre Håvarstein; Eliason, Erika; Moore, Andy; Aarestrup, Kim (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Salmonids are some of the most widely studied species of fish worldwide. They span freshwater rivers and lakes to fjords and oceans; they include short- and long-distance anadromous migrants, as well as partially migratory ...
  • Coverage and quality of DNA barcode references for Central and Northern European Odonata 

    Geiger, Matthias; Koblmüller, Stephan; Assandri, Giacomo; Chovanec, Andreas; Ekrem, Torbjørn; Fischer, Iris; Galimberti, Andrea; Grabowski, Michał; Haring, Elisabeth; Hausmann, Axel; Hendrich, Lars; Koch, Stefan; Mamos, Tomasz; Rothe, Udo; Rulik, Björn; Rewicz, Tomasz; Sittenthaler, Marcia; Stur, Elisabeth; Tonczyk, Grzegorz; Zangl, Lukas; Moriniere, Jerome (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Background: Dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) are important components in biomonitoring due to their amphibiotic lifecycle and specific habitat requirements. They are charismatic and popular insects, but can be challenging ...
  • A new molecular phylogeny for the Tanypodinae (Diptera: Chironomidae) places the Australian diversity in a global context 

    Krosch, Matt N.; Silva, Fabio L; Ekrem, Torbjørn; Baker, Andrew M.; Bryant, Litticia M.; Stur, Elisabeth; Cranston, Peter S. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    The non-biting midge subfamily Tanypodinae (Diptera: Chironomidae) is species-rich, ecologically diverse, and near-globally distributed. Within the subfamily, aspects of generic and species-level taxonomy remain poorly ...
  • Marine habitat use and feeding ecology of introduced anadromous brown trout at the colonization front of the sub-Antarctic Kerguelen archipelago 

    Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud; Bordeleau, Xavier; Eldøy, Sindre Håvarstein; Whoriskey, Frederick G.; Power, Michael John; Crossin, Glenn T; Buhariwalla, Colin; Gaudin, Philippe (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    In 1954, brown trout were introduced to the Kerguelen archipelago (49°S, 70°E), a pristine, sub-Antarctic environment previously devoid of native freshwater fishes. Trout began spreading rapidly via coastal waters to ...
  • Overvåkning av anadrome laksefisk i Fjærevassdraget, Nordland. Resultater fra videoovervåkningen i 2020 

    Sjursen, Aslak Darre; Friis, Mikkel Emil Lange; Rønning, Lars; Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud (NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet naturhistorisk rapport;, Research report, 2021)
  • Fiskebiologiske undersøkelser i Korssjøen og Lille Korssjøen i Røros og Os kommune, med spesiell fokus på storørretbestanden 

    Sjursen, Aslak Darre; Arnekleiv, Jo Vegar (NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet naturhistorisk rapport;, Research report, 2021)
  • Utbygging av Orkanger havn - kartlegging av områdebruk til sjøørret og forslag til kompenserende tiltak 

    Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud; Sjursen, Aslak Darre; Davidsen, Anette Sophie Grimsrud (Research report, 2021)
  • Ferskvannsbiologiske undersøkelser i Grøa, Sunndal kommune. Årsrapport for 2020 

    Kielland, Øystein Nordeide; Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud; Davidsen, Anette Sophie Grimsrud; Rønning, Lars; Kjærstad, Gaute (NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet naturhistorisk notat;, Research report, 2021)
  • Overvåkning av anadrome laksefisk i Drevja, Nordland. Resultater fra videoovervåkningen i 2020 

    Sjursen, Aslak Darre; Rønning, Lars; Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud (NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet naturhistorisk notat;, Research report, 2021)
  • Phylogenetic Status of Arthonia phaeophysciae (Arthoniaceae, Ascomycota). Newly Found in Japan. 

    Frisch, Andreas; Tadome, Kensuke; Moon, Kwang Hee; Thor, Göran; Ohmura, Yoshihito (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    The lichenicolous fungus Arthonia phaeophysciae Grube & Matzer (Arthoniaceae, Ascomycota), growing on Physciella melanchra and Phaeophyscia sp., is newly reported from Central Honshu in Japan. Additional localities are ...
  • The effects of nutritional state, sex and body size on the marine migration behaviour of sea trout 

    Eldøy, Sindre Håvarstein; Bordeleau, Xavier; Lawrence, M. J.; Thorstad, Eva B.; Finstad, Anders Gravbrøt; Whoriskey, Frederick G.; Crossin, Glenn T; Cooke, Steven J.; Aarestrup, Kim; Rønning, Lars; Sjursen, Aslak Darre; Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    The sea trout (anadromous brown trout Salmo trutta) displays extensive among-individual variation in marine migration behaviour. We studied the migration behaviour of 286 sea trout (27-89 cm) tagged with acoustic transmitters ...
  • Describing the hidden species diversity of Chaetozone (Annelida, Cirratulidae) in the Norwegian Sea using morphological and molecular diagnostics 

    Grosse, Maël Ariel; Capa, Maria; Bakken, Torkild (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Using molecular markers and species delimitation analyses, a high diversity of bi-tentaculate Cirratulidae was discovered from the North-East Atlantic. Five new species are described: Chaetozone pseudosetosa sp. nov., ...
  • Wild salmonids are running the gauntlet of pathogens and climate as fish farms expand northwards 

    Vollset, Knut; Lennox, Robert J.; Davidsen, Jan Grimsrud; Eldøy, Sindre Håvarstein; Isaksen, Trond Einar; Madhun, Abdullah Sami; Karlsson, Sten; Miller, Kristina M (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Salmon farming has multiplied from a side business of coastal farmers to one of the world's major aquaculture species. This has dramatically altered the disease dynamics between farmed and wild salmonids. As salmon fish ...
  • Galerucella (Neogalerucella) anserina Ødegaard & Hanssen, sp. nov., a new species of Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae) from Norway 

    Ødegaard, Frode; Hanssen, Oddvar (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    A new chrysomelid beetle, Galerucella anserina Ødegaard & Hanssen, sp. nov., belonging to the Galerucella tenellagroup (subgenus Neogalerucella) is described, illustrated and distinguished from similar species within the ...
  • Developing common protocols to measure tundra herbivory across spatial scales 

    Barrio, Isabel C.; Ehrich, Dorothee; Soininen, Eeva M; Ravolainen, Virve; Bueno, C. G.; Gilg, Olivier; Koltz, Amanda; Speed, James David Mervyn; Hik, David S.; Mörsdorf, M.; Alatalo, Juha M.; Angerbjørn, A.; Bêty, Joël; Bollache, L.; Boulanger-Lapointe, N.; Brown, G. S.; Eischeid, Isabell; Giroux, M. A.; Hajek, T.; Hansen, Brage Bremset; Hofhius, S. P.; Lamarre, J.-F.; Lang, J.; Latty, C.; Lecomte, N.; Macek, P.; McKinnon, L.; Myers-Smith, I. H.; Pedersen, Åshild Ønvik; Prevey, J. S.; Roth, J. D.; Saalfeld, S. T.; Schmidt, N. M.; Smith, P.; Sokolov, A.; Sokolova, N.; Stolz, C.; van Bemmelen, R.; Varpe, Øystein; Woodard, P. F.; Jonsdottir, I. S. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Understanding and predicting large-scale ecological responses to global environmental change requires comparative studies across geographic scales with coordinated efforts and standardized methodologies. We designed, ...
  • Molecular dietary analyses of western capercaillies (Tetrao urogallus) reveal a diverse diet 

    Chua, Physilia Y. S.; Lammers, Youri; Menoni, Emmanuel; Ekrem, Torbjørn; Bohmann, Kristine; Boessenkool, Sanne; Alsos, Inger Greve (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Conservation strategies centered around species habitat protection rely on species’ dietary information. One species at the focal point of conservation efforts is the herbivorous grouse, the western capercaillie (Tetrao ...
  • The Future of DNA Barcoding: Reflections from Early Career Researchers 

    Grant, Danielle M.; Brodnicke, Ole Bjørn; Evankow, Ann; Ferreira, André O.; Fontes, João T.; Hansen, Aslak Kappel; Jensen, Mads Reinholdt; Kalaycı, Tuğba Ergül; Leeper, Alexandra Eve Joyce; Patil, Shalaka Kiran; Prati, Sebastian; Reunamo, Anna; Roberts, Aradhana J; Shigdel, Rajesh; Tyukosova, Valentina; Bendiksby, Mika; Blaalid, Rakel; Costa, Filipe O.; Hollingsworth, Peter M.; Stur, Elisabeth; Ekrem, Torbjørn (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Over the last two decades, the use of DNA barcodes has transformed our ability to identify and assess life on our planet. Both strengths and weaknesses of the method have been exemplified through thousands of peer-reviewed ...
  • Runs of homozygosity in killer whale genomes provide a global record of demographic histories 

    Foote, Andrew; Hooper, Rebecca; Alexander, Alana; Baird, Robin; Baker, Scott; Ballance, Lisa; Barlow, Jay; Brownlow, Andrew; Collins, Tim; Constantine, Rochelle; Rosa, Luciano Dalla; Davison, Nicholas J.; Durban, John; Esteban, Ruth; Excoffier, Laurent; Forney, Karin A.; Gerrodette, Tim; Gilbert, Marcus Thomas Pius; Guinet, Christophe; Hanson, M. Bradley; Li, Songhai; Martin, Sarah; Martin, Michael David; Robertson, Kelly M.; Samarra, Filipa I.P.; de Stephanis, Renaud; Tavares, Sara B.; Tixier, Paul; Totterdell, John A.; Wade, Paul; Wolf, Jochen B.W.; Fan, Guangyi; Zhang, Yaolei; Morin, Phillip A. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Runs of homozygosity (ROH) occur when offspring inherit haplotypes that are identical by descent from each parent. Length distributions of ROH are informative about population history; specifically, the probability of ...
  • Ancient and modern genomes unravel the evolutionary history of the rhinoceros family 

    Liu, Shanlin; Westbury, Michael V; Dussex, Nicolas; Mitchell, Kieren J.; Sinding, Mikkel-Holger S.; Heintzman, Peter D.; Duchêne, David A.; Kapp, Joshua D.; von Seth, Johanna; Heiniger, Holly; Sánchez-Barreiro, Fatima; Margaryan, Ashot; André-Olsen, Remi; De Cahsan, Binia; Meng, Guanliang; Yang, Chentao; Chen, Lei; van der Valk, Tom; Moodley, Yoshan; Rookmaaker, Kees; Bruford, Michael W.; Ryder, Oliver; Steiner, Cynthia; Bruins-van Sonsbeek, Linda G. R.; Vartanyan, Sergey; Guo, Chunxue; Cooper, Alan; Kosintsev, Pavel; Kirillova, Irina V.; Lister, Adrian M.; Marques-Bonet, Tomas; Gopalakrishnan, Shyam; Dunn, Robert R.; Lorenzen, Eline D.; Shapiro, Beth; Zhang, Guojie; Antoine, Pierre-Olivier; Dalén, Love; Gilbert, Marcus Thomas Pius (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Only five species of the once-diverse Rhinocerotidae remain, making the reconstruction of their evolutionary history a challenge to biologists since Darwin. We sequenced genomes from five rhinoceros species (three extinct ...

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