• Alpha-synuclein measured in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, or healthy controls: a two year follow-up study 

      Sando, Sigrid Botne; Albrektsen, Grethe; Møller, Ina; White, Linda; Berge, Guro; Grøntvedt, Gøril Rolfseng; Lauridsen, Camilla; Bråthen, Geir (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      Background α-Synuclein has been proposed as a potential biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI). However, results from α-synuclein measurements in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) ...
    • Alzheimer´s disease: Possible biomarkers for prediction and progression 

      Grøntvedt, Gøril Rolfseng (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2022:355, Doctoral thesis, 2022)
      Alzheimers sykdom (AD) er den vanligste årsaken til svikt i kognitive funksjoner og demens og utgjør minst 60 % av alle demenstilfellene. AD er en nevrodegenerativ sykdom som fører til tap av nerveceller. Vi vet at sykdommen ...
    • Amyloid beta 1-43 as a potential biomarker for the detection of early Alzheimer’s disease 

      Lauridsen, Camilla (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2017:219, Doctoral thesis, 2017)
    • The Amyloid, Tau, and Neurodegeneration (A/T/N) Classification Applied to a Clinical Research Cohort with Long-Term Follow-Up 

      Grøntvedt, Gøril Rolfseng; Lauridsen, Camilla; Berge, Guro; White, Linda Rosemary; Salvesen, Øyvind; Bråthen, Geir; Sando, Sigrid Botne (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Background: The unbiased amyloid, tau, and neurodegeneration (A/T/N) classification is designed to characterize individuals in the Alzheimer continuum and is currently little explored in clinical cohorts. Objective: A ...
    • Assessment of kallikrein 6 as a cross-sectional and longitudinal biomarker for Alzheimer's disease 

      Patra, Kalicharan; Soosaipillai, Antoninus; Sando, Sigrid Botne; Lauridsen, Camilla; Berge, Guro; Møller, Ina; Grøntvedt, Gøril Rolfseng; Bråthen, Geir; Begcevic, Ilijana; Moussaud, Simon; Minthon, Lennart; Hansson, Oskar; Diamandis, Eleftherios P.; White, Linda Rosemary; Nielsen, Henrietta M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Background Kallikrein 6 (KLK6) is known to be an age-related protease expressed at high levels in the central nervous system. It was previously shown to be involved in proteolysis of extracellular proteins implicated in ...
    • Association of Klotho protein levels and KL-VS heterozygosity with Alzheimer disease and amyloid and tau burden 

      Grøntvedt, Gøril Rolfseng; Sando, Sigrid Botne; Lauridsen, Camilla; Bråthen, Geir; White, Linda Rosemary; Salvesen, Øyvind; Aarsland, Dag; Hessen, Erik; Fladby, Tormod; Waterloo, Knut K; Scheffler, Katja (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
    • Bidirectionality of antiseizure and antipsychotic treatment: A population-based study 

      Revdal, Eline; Morken, Gunnar; Bakken, Inger Johanne; Bråthen, Geir; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Brodtkorb, Eylert (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Purpose To study the prevalence and directionality of comorbid epilepsy and psychosis in Norway. Methods The Norwegian Prescription Database (NorPD) provided individual-based information on all antiseizure medications ...
    • C9orf72, age at onset, and ancestry help discriminate behavioral from language variants in FTLD cohorts 

      Costa, Beatrice; Manzoni, Claudia; Bernal-Quiros, Manual; Kia, Demis A.; Aguilar, Miquel; Alvarez, Ignacio; Alvarez, Victoria; Andreassen, Ole Andreas; Anfossi, Maria; Bagnoli, Silvia; Benussi, Luisa; Bernardi, Livia; Binetti, Giuliano; Blackburn, Daniel; Boada, Mercè; Borroni, Barbara; Bowns, Lucy; Bråthen, Geir; Bruni, Amalia C; Chiang, Huei-Hsin; Clarimon, Jordi; Colville, Shuna; Conidi, Maria E; Cope, Tom E; Cruchaga, Carlos; Cupidi, Chiara; Di Battista, Maria Elena; Diehl-Schmid, Janine; Diez-Fairen, Monica; Dols-Icardo, Oriol; Durante, Elisabetta; Flisar, Dusan; Frangipane, Francesca; Galimberti, Daniela; Gallo, Maura; Gallucci, Mauricio; Ghidoni, Roberta; Graff, Caroline; Grafman, Jordan H; Grossman, Murray; Hardy, John; Hernández, Isabel; Holloway, Guy J T; Huey, Edward D; Illán-Gala, Ignacio; Karydas, Anna; Khoshnood, Behzad; Kramberger, Milica G.; Kristiansen, Mark K; Sando, Sigrid Botne (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Objective: We sought to characterize C9orf72 expansions in relation to genetic ancestry and age at onset (AAO) and to use these measures to discriminate the behavioral from the language variant syndrome in a large pan-European ...
    • Cerebrospinal fluid A?43 is reduced in early-onset compared to late-onset Alzheimer's disease, but has similar diagnostic accuracy to A?42 

      Lauridsen, Camilla; Sando, Sigrid Botne; Møller, Ina; Berge, Guro; Pomary, Precious Kwadzo; Grøntvedt, Gøril Rolfseng; Salvesen, Øyvind; Bråthen, Geir; White, Linda (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Background: Amyloid beta 1–43 (Aβ43) may be a useful additional biomarker for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We have investigated cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) levels of Aβ43 in patients with early-onset AD in contrast ...
    • Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels of Amyloid Beta 1-43 in Patients with Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment or Early Alzheimer's Disease: A 2-Year Follow-Up Study 

      Lauridsen, Camilla; Sando, Sigrid Botne; Shabnam, Adiba; Møller, Ina; Berge, Guro; Grøntvedt, Gøril Rolfseng; Bakken, Inger Johanne; Salvesen, Øyvind; Bråthen, Geir; White, Linda (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      Introduction: Biomarkers that will reliably predict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are urgently needed. Although cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) amyloid beta 1–42 (Aβ42), total tau, and phosphorylated tau can be used to ...
    • Cerebrospinal fluid levels of amyloid beta 1-43 mirror 1-42 in relation to imaging biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease 

      Almdahl, Ina; Lauridsen, Camilla; Selnes, Per; Kalheim, Lisa Flem; Coello, Christopher; Gajdzik, Beata; Møller, Ina; Wettergreen, Marianne; Grambaite, Ramune; Bjørnerud, Atle; Bråthen, Geir; Sando, Sigrid Botne; White, Linda; Fladby, Tormod (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    • Cerebrospinal fluid neurogranin/β-site APP-cleaving enzyme 1 predicts cognitive decline in preclinical Alzheimer's disease 

      Kirsebom, Bjørn-Eivind; Nordengen, Kaja; Selnes, Per; Waterloo, Knut; Torsetnes, Silje Bøen; Gisladottir, Berglind; Brix, Britta; Eugeen, Vanmechelen; Bråthen, Geir; Hessen, Erik; Aarsland, Dag; Fladby, Tormod (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Introduction The cerebrospinal fluid neurogranin (Ng)/β-site amyloid precursor protein-cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1) ratio may reflect synaptic affection resulting from reduced beta-amyloid (Aβ) clearance. We hypothesize that ...
    • Clinical trials in pediatric ALS: a TRICALS feasibility study 

      Kliest, Tessa; van Eijk, Ruben P. A.; Al-Chalabi, Ammar; Albanese, Alberto; Andersen, Peter M.; Amador, Maria Del Mar; Bråthen, Geir; Brunaud-Danel, Veronique; Brylev, Lev; Camu, William; de Carvalho, Mamede; Cereda, Cristina; Cetin, Hakan; Chaverri, Delia; Chiò, Adriano; Corcia, Philippe; Couratier, Philippe; De Marchi, Fabiola; Desnuelle, Claude; van Es, Michael A.; Esteban, Jesús; Filosto, Massimiliano; Redondo, Alberto García; Grosskreutz, Julian; Hanemann, Clemens O.; Holmøy, Trygve; Høyer, Helle; Ingre, Caroline; Koritnik, Blaz; Kuzma-Kozakiewicz, Magdalena; Lambert, Thomas; Leigh, Peter N.; Lunetta, Christian; Mandrioli, Jessica; McDermott, Christopher J.; Meyer, Thomas; Mora, Jesus S.; Petri, Susanne; Povedano, Mónica; Reviers, Evy; Riva, Nilo; Roes, Kit C. B.; Rubio, Miguel Á.; Salachas, François; Sarafov, Stayko; Sorarù, Gianni; Stevic, Zorica; Svenstrup, Kirsten; Møller, Anette Torvin; Turner, Martin R.; Van Damme, Philip; van Leeuwen, Lucie A. G.; Varona, Luis; Costa, Juan F. Vázquez; Weber, Markus; Hardiman, Orla; Berg, Leonard H. van den (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Clinical trials in pediatric ALS: a TRICALS feasibility study
    • Criticality as a measure of developing proteinopathy in engineered human neural networks 

      Valderhaug, Vibeke Devold; Heiney, Kristine; Huse Ramstad, Ola; Bråthen, Geir; Kuan, Wei-Li; Nichele, Stefano; Sandvig, Axel; Sandvig, Ioanna (Journal article, 2020)
      A patterned spread of proteinopathy represents a common characteristic of many neurodegenerative diseases. In Parkinson’s disease (PD), misfolded forms of alpha-synuclein proteins aggregate and accumulate in hallmark ...
    • CSF neurofilament light may predict progression from amnestic mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease dementia 

      Lim, Bryant; Grøntvedt, Gøril Rolfseng; Bathala, Pradeepthi; Kale, Shraddha S.; Campbell, Christopher T.; Stengelin, Martin; Sando, Sigrid Botne; Prassas, Ioannis; Diamandis, Eleftherios P.; Bråthen, Geir (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Neurofilament light (NfL) is a promising biomarker of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease (AD). In this study, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) NfL was measured in a 24-month longitudinal cohort consisting of control (n = ...
    • Early functional changes associated with alpha-synuclein proteinopathy in engineered human neural networks 

      Valderhaug, Vibeke Devold; Heiney, Kristine; Huse Ramstad, Ola; Bråthen, Geir; Kuan, Wei-Li; Nichele, Stefano; Sandvig, Axel; Sandvig, Ioanna (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      A patterned spread of proteinopathy represents a common characteristic of many neurodegenerative diseases. In Parkinson’s disease (PD), misfolded forms of α-synuclein proteins accumulate in hallmark pathological inclusions ...
    • Experiential seizures related to the hippocampal-parahippocampal spatial representation system 

      Revdal, Eline; Arntsen, Vibeke; Doan, Thanh Pierre; Kvello-Alme, Marte; Kvistad, Kjell Arne; Bråthen, Geir; Brodtkorb, Eylert (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Ictal visual hallucinations may have occipital as well as temporal lobe origin. We report a patient with clustering of focal aware seizures with visual hallucinations. Ictal EEG findings and seizure semiology with alternating ...
    • Facial dystonia with facial grimacing and vertical gaze palsy with “Round the Houses” sign in a 29-year-old Woman 

      Crespi, Joan Vidal; Bråthen, Geir; Quist-Paulsen, P.; Pagonabarraga, J.; Roig-Arnall, C. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016-01-19)
      A 29-year-old woman developed progressive dysarthria and coordination problems from the age of 15. Examination showed dysarthria, facial dystonia, bibrachial dystonia, hyperreflexia, ataxia, and emotional incontinence. ...
    • GBA and APOE ε4 associate with sporadic dementia with Lewy bodies in European genome wide association study 

      Rongve, Arvid; Witoelar, Aree; Ruiz, Agustín; Athanasiu, Lavinia; Abdelnour, Carla; Clarimon, Jordi; Heilmann-Heimbach, Stefanie; Hernández, Isabel; Moreno-Grau, Sonia; de Rojas, Itziar; Morenas-Rodríguez, Estrella; Fladby, Tormod; Sando, Sigrid Botne; Bråthen, Geir; Blanc, Frédéric; Bousiges, Olivier; Lemstra, Afina W.; van Steenoven, Inger; Londos, Elisabet; Almdahl, Ina Selseth; Pålhaugen, Lene; Eriksen, Jon Alm; Djurovic, Srdjan; Stordal, Eystein; Saltvedt, Ingvild; Ulstein, Ingun; Bettella, Francesco; Desikan, Rahul S.; Idland, Ane-Victoria; Toft, Mathias; Pihlstrøm, Lasse; Snaedal, Jon; Tárraga, Lluís; Boada, Mercè; Lleó, Alberto; Stefánsson, Hreinn; Stefánsson, Kári; Ramírez, Alfredo; Aarsland, Dag; Andreassen, Ole Andreas (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) is a common neurodegenerative disorder with poor prognosis and mainly unknown pathophysiology. Heritability estimates exceed 30% but few genetic risk variants have been identified. Here we ...
    • A genome-wide association study with 1,126,563 individuals identifies new risk loci for Alzheimer's disease 

      Wightman, Douglas P.; Jansen, Iris E.; Savage, Jeanne E.; Shadrin, Alexey; Bahrami, Shahram; Holland, Dominic; Rongve, Arvid; Børte, Sigrid; Winsvold, Bendik K S; Drange, Ole Kristian; Martinsen, Amy E.; Skogholt, Anne Heidi; Willer, Cristen; Bråthen, Geir; Bosnes, Ingunn; Nielsen, Jonas Bille; Fritsche, Lars; Thomas, Laurent; Pedersen, Linda Margareth; Gabrielsen, Maiken Elvestad; Johnsen, Marianne Bakke; Meisingset, Tore Wergeland; Zhou, Wei; Proitsi, Petroula; Hodges, Angela; Dobson, Richard; Velayudhan, Latha; Sealock, Julia; Davis, Lea K.; Pedersen, Nancy L.; Reynolds, Chandra A.; Karlsson, Ida K.; Magnusson, Sigurdur; Stefansson, Hreinn; Thordardottir, Steinunn; Jónsson, Pálmi V.; Snædal, Jon; Zettergren, Anna; Skoog, Ingmar; Kern, Silke; Waern, Margda; Zetterberg, Henrik; Blennow, Kaj; Stordal, Eystein; Hveem, Kristian; Zwart, John Anker Henrik; Athanasiu, Lavinia; Selnes, Per; Saltvedt, Ingvild; Sando, Sigrid Botne; Ulstein, Ingun; Djurovic, Srdjan; Fladby, Tormod; Aarsland, Dag; Selbæk, Geir; Ripke, Stephan; Stefánsson, Kári; Andreassen, Ole; Posthuma, Danielle (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease is a prevalent age-related polygenic disease that accounts for 50–70% of dementia cases. Currently, only a fraction of the genetic variants underlying Alzheimer’s disease have been identified. ...