• Adding country resolution to EXIOBASE: impacts on land use embodied in trade 

      Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Többen, Johannes Reinhard; Stadler, Konstantin; Kastner, Thomas; Theurl, Michaela; Erb, Karl-Heinz; Steen-Olsen, Kjartan; Wiebe, Kirsten Svenja; Wood, Richard (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Multiregional input–output (MRIO) databases are used to analyze the impact of resource use and environmental impacts along global supply chains. To accurately account for pressures and impacts that are highly concentrated ...
    • Advancements in environmentally extended multiregional input-output analysis: modeling drivers, pressures, and impacts 

      Bjelle, Eivind Lekve (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2021:210, Doctoral thesis, 2021)
      We increasingly need to rely on demand side changes to complement technological improvements to mitigate environmental impacts such as global warming and loss of biodiversity. To do so we must better understand how different ...
    • Aktiv flomdemping; case-studie av Ilavassdraget i Trondheim kommune 

      Ravindra, Ganesh Hiriyanna Rao; Killingtveit, Ånund; Hung, Christine Roxanne; Sandberg, Eli; Tveit, Odd Atle; Sivertsen, Edvard; Bjelle, Eivind Lekve (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    • Analyse av Sivas næringshager og inkubatorer i Innlandet 

      Sandberg, Eli; Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Kvellheim, Ann Kristin; Ekambaram, Anandasivakumar; Vik, Lars Harald; Hatling, Morten Arnt (Research report, 2020)
      Denne rapporten gir et teoretisk bakteppe for et innovasjonssystem, og trekker dette inn i Innland-kontekst ved å gjøre en grov kartlegging av Innlandets innovasjonsstruktur. Det er et stort mangfold i innovasjonsstrukturen, ...
    • Climate change mitigation potential of Norwegian households and the rebound effect 

      Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Steen-Olsen, Kjartan; Wood, Richard (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      An increasing number of studies show that efficiency improvements alone will not be sufficient to attain the substantial emission reductions needed to mitigate global warming to a target of 2 °C. Consumption side changes ...
    • Consumption-based impacts on land use and biodiversity 

      Iordan, Cristina Maria; Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Pujol Martin, Marta (Research report, 2023)
      This project will compile scientific evidence (based on published articles, reports and case studies) on how the consumption-based effects on land use and biodiversity can be analysed and reported.
    • Effects of Circularity Interventions in the European Plastic Packaging Sector 

      Cimpan, Ciprian; Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Budzinski, Maik; Wood, Richard; Strømman, Anders Hammer (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      Low levels of plastics circularity today reflect major challenges for the sector to reduce environmental impacts and a need for wider systemic change. In this work, we investigated the potential for climate and socioeconomic ...
    • Future changes in consumption: The income effect on greenhouse gas emissions 

      Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Wiebe, Kirsten Svenja; Többen, Johannes; Tisserant, Alexandre; Ivanova, Diana; Vita, Gibran; Wood, Richard (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      The scale and patterns of household consumption are important determinants of environmental impacts. Whilst affluence has been shown to have a strong correlation with environmental impact, they do not necessarily grow at ...
    • Impact analysis for a potential circular economy strategy for the plastic sector in Estonia 

      Young, Eric Edward Cameron S Dun; Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Gaspers, Anne; Lindberg, Helene Øyangen; Pille, Kristin; Jürmann, Peep; Kukumägi, Krislin; Sapelkov, Kertu (Research report, 2023)
      This report presents the work of SINTEF’s collaboration with the Republic of Estonia Environment Agency through the project Enhanced Capacity on Circular Economy, funded by the Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway Grants. This ...
    • Implementing exogenous scenarios in a global MRIO model for the estimation of future environmental footprints 

      Wiebe, Kirsten Svenja; Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Többen, Johannes Reinhard; Wood, Richard (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      After the publication of various multi-regional input–output (MRIO) databases over the past years and related environmental and socio-economic footprint analyses, the interest in these global value chain analyses is ever ...
    • Plastic packaging flows in Europe: A hybrid input-output approach 

      Cimpan, Ciprian; Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Strømman, Anders Hammer (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      The European Union (EU) set ambitious goals toward more sustainable use of plastics, but the basis for measuring performance and monitoring progress toward these goals remains inadequate due to a limited understanding of ...
    • The Rebound Effect of a Shift to a Green Lifestyle 

      Bjelle, Eivind Lekve (Master thesis, 2016)
      Reaching the 2°C target of global warming, requires a 40-70% reduction in anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Norwegian policy makers have implemented a term called The Green Shift that involves a transition into ...
    • Trends in national biodiversity footprints of land use 

      Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Kuipers, Koen Jacobus Josefus; Verones, Francesca; Wood, Richard (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Rising incomes (and associated expenditures) have been shown to be a major driver of environmental problems. Lately, several studies have pointed to a break between the income driver and biodiversity loss on a per-capita ...
    • Understanding the trends in Denmark's global food trade-related greenhouse gas and resource footprint 

      Osei-Owusu, Albert Kwame; Wood, Richard; Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Caro, Dario; Thomsen, Marianne (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Food production is a major driver of global warming, water scarcity and biodiversity loss. Denmark has set ambitious targets to lower its territorial carbon emissions in the next decades. In 2019, the Danish Agriculture ...