• Accommodating a Game Engine for Community Adoption 

      Stien, Joakim N.; Stensby, Sverre B. (Bachelor thesis, 2015)
      Thesis on improving and expanding a game engine, to make it a better alternative for game development. We have added particles, network capabilities, normal and specular maps. We have improved the implementation of the ...
    • Development of Gaze Tracking Platform 

      Aune, Bjørn Kaare; Baardseth, Kristoffer; Wendling, Benjamin Gordon (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
      This bachelor presents our work with a prototype for a software platform based on gaze tracking input. It will discuss our development, and use of gaze tracking and how to facilitate games and software for gaze tracking input.
    • Porting av mobil iOS app til Android - Klimb AS 

      Enggrav, Magnus W.; Jammary, Adam A. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
      The main goal of the project was to port the existing Apple iOS-specific app to the Google Android platform for our employer Klimb AS. The existing codebase was already written using the React Native framework which was ...
    • Project NORS: a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game Implemented in Unreal Engine 4 

      Ness, Jonathan; Olsen, Aleksander; Rødland, Marius; Sand, Chris Andre (Bachelor thesis, 2015)
      NORS is a new MOBA game with exiting features such as, controlling the elements. With this ability, the player can control and change the environment to their benefit in the epic battle for Great Britannia between the ...
    • The Grass is Always Greener: A Procedurally Generated Game 

      Bråten, Michael; Bjerknes, Martin (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
      An exploration game with a procedurally generated world, where the world gets more corrupt the further you move. The goal for the player is to make their way through the corruption and to the end of the world.