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    • Transcriptional regulation by NR5A2 links differentiation and inflammation in the pancreas 

      Cobo, Isidoro; Martinelli, Paola; Flández, Marta; Bakiri, Latifa; Zhang, Mingfeng; Carrillo-de-Santa-Pau, Enrique; Jia, Jinping; Lobo, Víctor J. Sánchez-Arévalo; Megías, Diego; Felipe, Irene; del Pozo, Natalia; Millán, Irene; Thommesen, Liv; Bruland, Torunn; Olson, Sara H.; Smith, Jill; Schoonjans, Kristina; Bamlet, William R.; Petersen, Gloria M.; Malats, Núria; Amundadóttir, Laufey T.; Wagner, Erwin F.; Real, Francisco X. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Chronic inflammation increases the risk of developing one of several types of cancer. Inflammatory responses are currently thought to be controlled by mechanisms that rely on transcriptional networks that are distinct from ...