• Chronic fatigue syndromes: real illnesses that people can recover from 

      Alme, Tomas Nordheim; Andreasson, Anna; Asprusten, Tarjei Tørre; Bakken, Anne Karen; Beadsworth, Michael BJ; Boye, Birgitte; Brodal, Per; Brodwall, Elias Myrstad; Brurberg, Kjetil Gundro; Bugge, Ingrid; Chalder, Trudie; Due, Reidar; Eriksen, Hege Randi; Fink, Per Klausen; Flottorp, Signe Agnes; Fors, Egil Andreas; Jensen, Bård Fossli; Fundingsrud, Hans Petter; Garner, Paul; Havdal, Lise Beier; Helgeland, Helene; Jacobsen, Henrik Børsting; Johnson, Georg Espolin; Jonsjö, Martin; Knoop, Hans; Landmark, Live; Launes, Gunvor; Lekander, Mats; Linnros, Hannah; Lindsäter, Elin; Liira, Helena; Linnestad, Lina; Loge, Jon; Lyby, Peter Solvoll; Malik, Sadaf; Malt, Ulrik Fredrik; Moe, Trygve; Norlin, Anna-Karin; Pedersen, Maria; Pignatiello, Siv Elin; Rask, Charlotte Ulrikka; Reme, Silje Endresen; Roksund, Gisle; Sainio, Markku; Sharpe, Michael; Thorkildsen, Ruth Foseide; Van Roy, Betty; Vandvik, Per Olav; Vogt, Henrik; Wyller, Hedda Bratholm; Wyller, Vegard Bruun Bratholm (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      The ‘Oslo Chronic Fatigue Consortium’ consists of researchers and clinicians who question the current narrative that chronic fatigue syndromes, including post-covid conditions, are incurable diseases. Instead, we propose ...
    • Getting personal: Can systems medicine integrate scientific and humanistic conceptions of the patient? 

      Vogt, Henrik; Ulvestad, Elling; Eriksen, Thor Eirik; Getz, Linn (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2014)
      Rationale, aims and objectives The practicing doctor, and most obviously the primary care clinician who encounters the full complexity of patients, faces several fundamental but intrinsically related theoretical and ...
    • How precision medicine and screening with big data could increase overdiagnosis 

      Vogt, Henrik; Green, Sara; Ekstrøm, Claus Thorn; Brodersen, John (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    • How precision medicine changes medical epistemology: A formative case from Norway 

      Vogt, Henrik; Hofmann, Bjørn Morten (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Rationale and Aims Precision medicine (PM) raises a key question: How do we know what works when the number of people with a health problem becomes small or one (n = 1)? We here present a formative case from Norway. The ...
    • Personalizing Medicine: Disease Prevention in silico and in socio 

      Green, Sara; Vogt, Henrik (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
    • Systems Medicine as a Theoretical Framework for Primary Care Medicine: A Critical Analysis 

      Vogt, Henrik (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2017:98, Doctoral thesis, 2017)
      Background Primary care medicine (general practice) is, as a generalist discipline, faced with the key challenge of counteracting fragmentation and developing a framework for conceptualizing and approaching patients as ...
    • The new holism: P4 systems medicine and the medicalization of health and life itself 

      Vogt, Henrik; Hofmann, Bjørn; Getz, Linn Okkenhaug (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      The emerging concept of systems medicine (or ‘P4 medicine’—predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory) is at the vanguard of the post-genomic movement towards ‘precision medicine’. It is the medical application ...