• Deglaciation of Fennoscandia 

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      To provide a new reconstruction of the deglaciation of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet, in the form of calendar-year time-slices, which are particularly useful for ice sheet modelling, we have compiled and synthesized published ...
    • The glacial geomorphology of western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica 

      Newall, Jennifer C.H.; Dymova, Taisiya; Serra, Elena; Blomdin, Robin; Fredin, Hans Ola; Glasser, Neil F.; Suganuma, Yusuke; Harbor, Jonathan M.; Stroeven, Arjen P. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Reconstructing the response of present-day ice sheets to past global climate change is important for constraining and refining the numerical models which forecast future contributions of these ice sheets to sea-level change. ...
    • Nunataks as barriers to ice flow: Implications for palaeo ice sheet reconstructions 

      Mas E Braga, Martim; Selwyn Jones, Richard; Newall, Jennifer C.H.; Rogozhina, Irina; Andersen, Jane L.; Lifton, Nathaniel A.; Stroeven, Arjen P. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    • Regional sea-level highstand triggered Holocene ice sheet thinning across coastal Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica 

      Sugunuma, Yusuke; Kaneda, Heitaro; Mas e Braga, Martim; Ishiwa, Takeshige; Koyama, Takushi; Newall, Jennifer C.H.; Okuno, Jun'ichi; Obase, Takashi; Saito, Fuyuki; Rogozhina, Irina; Andersen, Jane Lund; Kawamata, Moto; Hirabayashi, Motohiro; Lifton, Nathaniel A.; Fredin, Ola; Harbor, Jonathan M.; Stroeven, Arjen P.; Abe-Ouchi, Ayako (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      The East Antarctic Ice Sheet stores a vast amount of freshwater, which makes it the single largest potential contributor to future sea-level rise. However, the lack of well-constrained geological records of past ice sheet ...
    • A thicker Antarctic ice stream during the mid-Pliocene warm period 

      Mas e Braga, Martim; Jones, Richard S.; Bernales, Jorge; Andersen, Jane Lund; Fredin, Ola; Morlighem, Mathieu; Koester, Alexandria J.; Lifton, Nathaniel A.; Harbor, Jonathan M.; Suganuma, Yusuke; Glasser, Neil F.; Rogozhina, Irina; Stroeven, Arjen P. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      Ice streams regulate most ice mass loss in Antarctica. Determining ice stream response to warmer conditions during the Pliocene could provide insights into their future behaviour, but this is hindered by a poor representation ...
    • A topographic hinge-zone divides coastal and inland ice dynamic regimes in East Antarctica 

      Andersen, Jane Lund; Newall, J.C.; Fredin, Ola; Glasser, Neil F.; Lifton, Nathaniel A.; Stuart, Finlay M.; Fabel, Derek; Caffee, Marc; Pedersen, Vivi K.; Koester, Alexandria; Sugunuma, Yusuke; Harbor, Jonathan M.; Stroeven, Arjen P. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      The impact of late Cenozoic climate on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet is uncertain. Poorly constrained patterns of relative ice thinning and thickening impair the reconstruction of past ice-sheet dynamics and global sea-level ...