• Air pollution perception in ten countries during the COVID-19 pandemic 

      Lou, Baowen; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Passavanti, Marco; Hui, Cang; Gupta, Akshay; Hoff, Inge; Lessa, Daniela Antunes; Sikka, Gaurav; Chang, Kevin; Fang, Kevin; Lam, Louisa; Maharaj, Brij; Ghasemi, Navid; Qiao, Yaning; Adomako, Solomon; Foroutan Mirhosseini, Seyed Ali; Naik, Bhaven; Banerjee, Arunabha; Wang, Fusong; Tucker, Andrew; Liu, Zhuangzhuang; Wijayaratna, Kasun; Naseri, Sahra; Chen, Hao; Yu, Lei; Shu, Benan; Goswami, Shubham; Peprah, Prince; Hessami, Amir; Abbas, Montasir; Agarwal, Nithin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      As largely documented in the literature, the stark restrictions enforced worldwide in 2020 to curb the COVID-19 pandemic also curtailed the production of air pollutants to some extent. This study investigates the perception ...
    • Case Study of Solid Waste Based Soft Soil Solidifying Materials Applied in Deep Mixing Pile 

      Shu, Benan; Gong, Haoliang; Chen, Shaoming; Ren, Yanfei; Li, Yongling; Yang, Tengyu; Zeng, Guodong; Min, Zhou; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Li, Yuanyuan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
    • Dataset regarding the mechanical characterization of sedimentary rocks derived from Svalbard for possible use in local road constructions 

      Barbieri, Diego Maria; Dorval, Jean-Gabriel; Lou, Baowen; Chen, Hao; Shu, Benan; Wang, Fusong; Hoff, Inge (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    • Design and sustainability analyses of road base layers stabilized with traditional and nontraditional additives 

      Barbieri, Diego Maria; Lou, Baowen; Dyke, Robert Jason; Wang, Xueting; Chen, Hao; Shu, Benan; Gazder, Uneb; Horpibulsuk, Suksun; Tingle, Jeb S; Hoff, Inge (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Base course is an important structural layer of a road pavement which plays a vital role in transferring and distributing the traffic loadings to the subgrade. The base usually comprises unbound materials, which can be ...
    • Enhanced storage stability and rheological properties of asphalt modified by activated waste rubber powder 

      Liu, Weihong; Xu, Yishen; Wang, Hongjun; Shu, Benan; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Norambuena-Contreras, Jose (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Segregation of waste crumb rubber powder (WR) modified asphalt binders the large-scale application of WR in asphalt. The method of microwave activation combined with chemical activation (KMWR) was proposed to improve storage ...
    • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mobility in ten countries and associated perceived risk for all transport modes 

      Barbieri, Diego Maria; Lou, Baowen; Passavanti, Marco; Hui, Cang; Hoff, Inge; Lessa, Daniela Antunes; Sikka, Gaurav; Chang, Kevin; Gupta, Akshay; Fang, Kevin; Banerjee, Arunabha; Maharaj, Brij; Lam, Louisa; Ghasemi, Navid; Naik, Bhaven; Wang, Fusong; Foroutan Mirhosseini, Seyed Ali; Naseri, Sahra; Liu, Zhuangzhuang; Qiao, Yaning; Tucker, Andrew; Wijayaratna, Kasun; Peprah, Prince; Adomako, Solomon; Yu, Lei; Goswami, Shubham; Chen, Hao; Shu, Benan; Hessami, Amir; Abbas, Montasir; Agarwal, Nithin; Rashidi, Taha Hossein (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      The restrictive measures implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered sudden massive changes to travel behaviors of people all around the world. This study examines the individual mobility patterns for ...
    • Organosilane and Lignosulfonate Stabilization of Roads Unbound: Performance during a Two-Year Time Span 

      Barbieri, Diego Maria; Lou, Baowen; Chen, Hao; Shu, Benan; Wang, Fusong; Hoff, Inge (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      The construction of the new Norwegian E39 highway comprises the excavation of extended tunnelling systems, which lead to a tremendous amount of blasted rocks. Among others, a sustainable cost-benefit application of these ...
    • The Properties of Different Healing Agents Considering the Micro-Self-Healing Process of Asphalt with Encapsulations 

      Shu, Benan; Zhou, Min; Yang, Tengyu; Li, Yongling; Ma, Yunlong; Liu, Kai; Bao, Shiwen; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Wu, Shaopeng (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Improving the self-healing performance of asphalt by employing encapsulation technology is a topic of wide interest. This study investigated the performance of sunflower oil, engine oil, and waste cooking oil based on the ...
    • Self-healing capability of asphalt mixture containing polymeric composite fibers under acid and saline-alkali water solutions 

      Shu, Benan; Wu, Shaopeng; Dong, Lijie; Norambuena-Contreras, Jose; Li, Yuanyuan; Li, Chao; Yang, Xu; Liu, Quantao; Wang, Qing; Wang, Feng; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Yuan, Miao; Bao, Shiwen; Zhou, Min; Zeng, Guodong (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Self-healing capability of the asphalt mixtures containing encapsulated healing agent can be affected by different water components as results of their exposure to aggressive environmental conditions such as the acid rain ...
    • Study on laboratory and engineering application of multi source solid waste based soft soil solidification materials 

      Shu, Benan; Chen, Weizhong; Yang, Tengyu; Xie, Zhirong; Ren, Yanfei; Li, Yongling; Zheng, Lishang; Zeng, Guodong; Li, Menglin; Barbieri, Diego Maria (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      The study on multi source solid wastes solidified organic clay is limited, as well as engineering application in deep mixing pile. In this paper, steel slag powder (SS) and high calcium fly ash (HCFA) are used as raw ...