• Metaverse beyond the hype: Multidisciplinary perspectives on emerging challenges, opportunities, and agenda for research, practice and policy 

      Dwivedi, Yogesh K.; Hughes, Laurie; Baabdullah, Abdullah M.; Ribeiro-Navarrete, Samuel; Giannakis, Mihalis; Al-Debei, Mutaz M.; Dennehy, Denis; Metri, Bhimaraya; Buhalis, Dimitrios; Cheung, Christy M.K.; Conboy, Kieran; Doyle, Ronan; Dubey, Rameshwar; Dutot, Vincent; Felix, Reto; Goyal, D.P.; Gustafsson, Anders; Hinsch, Chris; Jebabli, Ikram; Janssen, Marijn; Kim, Young-Gab; Kim, Jooyoung; Koos, Stefan; Kreps, David; Kshetri, Nir; Kumar, Vikram; Ooi, Keng-Boon; Papagiannidis, Savvas; Pappas, Ilias; Polyviou, Ariana; Park, Sang-Min; Pandey, Neeraj; Queiroz, Maciel M.; Raman, Ramakrishnan; Rauschnabel, Philipp A.; Shirish, Anuragini; Sigala, Marianna; Spanaki, Konstantina; Wei-Han Tan, Garry; Tiwari, Manoj Kumar; Viglia, Giampaolo; Wamba, Samuel Fosso (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      The metaverse has the potential to extend the physical world using augmented and virtual reality technologies allowing users to seamlessly interact within real and simulated environments using avatars and holograms. Virtual ...
    • The Role of Digital Technologies in Shaping the Post-Pandemic World: 21st IFIP WG 6.11 Conference on e-business, e-services, e-society 

      Papagiannidis, Savvas; Alamanos, Eleftherios; Gupta, Suraksha; Dwivedi, Yogesh K.; Mäntymäki, Matti; Pappas, Ilias (Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS);, Book, 2022)
    • Tension in the data environment: How organisations can meet the challenge 

      Meadows, Maureen; Merendino, Alessandro; Dibb, Sally; Garcia-Perez, Alexeis; Hinton, Matthew; Papagiannidis, Savvas; Pappas, Ilias; Wang, Huamao (Journal article, 2021)
      Big Data is becoming ubiquitous - widely applied across organisations, industry sectors and society. However, the opportunities and risks it presents are not yet fully understood. In this paper we identify and explore the ...