• First hyperspectral imaging survey of the deep seafloor: High-resolution mapping of manganese nodules 

      Dumke, Ines; Nornes, Stein Melvær; Purser, Autun; Marcon, Yann; Ludvigsen, Martin; Ellefmo, Steinar Løve; Johnsen, Geir; Søreide, Fredrik (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Hyperspectral seafloor surveys using airborne or spaceborne sensors are generally limited to shallow coastal areas, due to the requirement for target illumination by sunlight. Deeper marine environments devoid of sunlight ...
    • Mapping the Historical Shipwreck Figaro in the High Arctic Using Underwater Sensor-Carrying Robots 

      Mogstad, Aksel Alstad; Ødegård, Øyvind; Nornes, Stein Melvær; Ludvigsen, Martin; Johnsen, Geir; Sørensen, Asgeir Johan; Berge, Jørgen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      In 2007, a possible wreck site was discovered in Trygghamna, Isfjorden, Svalbard by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service. Using (1) a REMUS 100 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) equipped with a sidescan sonar (SSS) and (2) ...
    • MarMine cruise report - Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge 15.08.2016 - 05.09.2016 

      Ludvigsen, Martin; Aasly, Kurt; Ellefmo, Steinar Løve; Hilário, Ana; Ramirez-Llodra, Eva; Søreide, Fredrik Xander; Falcon-Suarez, Ismael; Juliani, Cyril Jerome; Kieswetter, Amanda; Lim, Anna; Christian, Malmquist; Nornes, Stein Melvær; Reimers, Hauke; Paulsen, Emil; Sture, Øystein (NTNU Cruise reports;2016-1, Research report, 2016)
    • Optimal trajectory planning for robotized tiling of floors 

      Nornes, Stein Melvær (Master thesis, 2013)
      This thesis describes the strategy of a new approach for automated tilesetting currently under development by nLink AS in Sogndal. The main focus of the thesis is the development of an appropriate strategy for path planning ...
    • Underwater hyperspectral imaging as an in situ taxonomic tool for deep-sea megafauna 

      Dumke, Ines; Purser, Autun; Marcon, Yann; Nornes, Stein Melvær; Johnsen, Geir; Ludvigsen, Martin; Søreide, Fredrik (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Identification of benthic megafauna is commonly based on analysis of physical samples or imagery acquired by cameras mounted on underwater platforms. Physical collection of samples is difficult, particularly from the deep ...
    • Use of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle reveals small-scale diel vertical migrations of zooplankton and susceptibility to light pollution under low solar irradiance 

      Ludvigsen, Martin; Berge, Jørgen; Geoffroy, Maxime; Cohen, Jonathan H.; De La Torre, Pedro R.; Nornes, Stein Melvær; Singh, Hanumant; Sørensen, Asgeir Johan; Daase, Malin; Johnsen, Geir (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Light is a major cue for nearly all life on Earth. However, most of our knowledge concerning the importance of light is based on organisms’ response to light during daytime, including the dusk and dawn phase. When it is ...