• A Blockchain-Based Risk and Information System Control Framework 

      Ma, Shenglan; Wang, Hao; Dai, Hong-Ning; Cheng, Shuhan; Yi, Ruihua; Wang, Tongsen (Chapter; Conference object, 2018)
      Risk and Information System Control Framework in business includes the methods and processes to manage risks and seize opportunities which involve identifying particular risk events relevant to the objectives, assessing ...
    • A Rhombic Dodecahedron Topology for Human-Centric Banking Big Data 

      Wang, Hao; Ma, Shenglan; Dai, Hong-Ning (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Banks are collecting an unprecedentedly large amount of data about their customers from difference sources, considering their cyber, physical, social activities. The focus of this paper is to study the problem of information ...
    • Banking Comprehensive Risk Management System Based on Big Data Architecture of Hybrid Processing Engines and Databases 

      Ma, Shenglan; Wang, Hao; Xu, Botong; Xiao, Hong; Xie, Fangkai; Dai, Hong-Ning; Tao, Ran; Yi, Ruihua; Wang, Tongsen (Chapter, 2018)
    • Blockchain-based data privacy management with Nudge theory in open banking 

      Wang, Hao; Ma, Shenglan; Dai, Hong-Ning; Imran, Muhammad; Wang, Tongsen (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Open banking brings both opportunities and challenges to banks all over the world especially in data management. A blockchain as a continuously growing list of records managed by a peer-to-peer network is widely used in ...
    • Blockchain-Based Power Energy Trading Management 

      Wang, Hao; Ma, Shenglan; Guo, Chaonian; Wu, Yulei; Dai, Hong-Ning; Wu, Di (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Distributed peer-to-peer power energy markets are emerging quickly. Due to central governance and lack of effective information aggregation mechanisms, energy trading cannot be efficiently scheduled and tracked. We devise ...
    • MHDT: A Deep-Learning-Based Text Detection Algorithm for Unstructured Data in Banking 

      Ma, Shenglan; Yang, Lingling; Wang, Hao; Xiao, Hong; Dai, Hong-Ning; Cheng, Shuhan; Wang, Tongsen (Chapter, 2019)
      Text detection in natural scene images becomes highly demanded for unstructured data in banking. In this paper, we propose a new deep learning algorithm called MSER, Hu-moment and Deep learning for Text detection (MHDT) ...