• Case Study of Solid Waste Based Soft Soil Solidifying Materials Applied in Deep Mixing Pile 

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    • Diffusion mechanism of rejuvenator and its effects on the physical and rheological performance of aged asphalt binder 

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      Using rejuvenator to improve the asphalt pavement service state has become an increasing concern in recent years. This study mainly focuses on the diffusion analysis between rejuvenator and aged asphalt, and further ...
    • Self-healing capability of asphalt mixture containing polymeric composite fibers under acid and saline-alkali water solutions 

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      Self-healing capability of the asphalt mixtures containing encapsulated healing agent can be affected by different water components as results of their exposure to aggressive environmental conditions such as the acid rain ...
    • The sustainable materials roadmap 

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      Over the past 150 years, our ability to produce and transform engineered materials has been responsible for our current high standards of living, especially in developed economies. However, we must carefully think of the ...