• Clavis: An open and versatile identification key format 

      Koch, Wouter; Elven, Hallvard; Finstad, Anders Gravbrøt (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
    • Density independent use of shallow riverine areas in juvenile Atlantic salmon 

      Puffer, Michael; Berg, Ole Kristian; Hamnes, Frøydis Bolme; Bentsen, Vidar; Koch, Wouter; Ugedal, Ola; Forseth, Torbjørn; Arnekleiv, Jo Vegar; Einum, Sigurd (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Habitat use of aquatic organisms is essential to evaluate effects of many environmental challenges like effects of hydro-power regulation, where stranding may occur under hydropeaking (rapid dewatering of shallow river ...
    • Improving the citizen science data corpus for science and management 

      Koch, Wouter (Doctoral thesis, 2022)
      Summary of thesis: Citizen science, in which amateur volunteers report their observations, is becoming an increasingly important source of biodiversity data. To understand and properly manage natural resources, we need ...
    • Maximizing citizen scientists’ contribution to automated species recognition 

      Koch, Wouter; Hogeweg, Laurens; Nilsen, Erlend Birkeland; Finstad, Anders Gravbrøt (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Technological advances and data availability have enabled artificial intelligence-driven tools that can increasingly successfully assist in identifying species from images. Especially within citizen science, an emerging ...
    • Nordic LifeWatch cooperation, final report: A joint initiative from Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden 

      Hanssen, Frank Ole; Heggberget, Tor Gravråk; Bladt, Jesper; Endresen, Dag Terje Filip; Forsius, Martin; Gudmundsson, Gudmundur A.; Gärdenfors, Ulf; Heiðmarsson, Starri; Kindvall, Oscar; Koch, Wouter; Koivula, Hanna; Laiho, Eija-Leena; Obst, Matthias; Skov, Flemming; Telenius, Anders; Valland, Nils; Wasowicz, Pawel; Wremp, Anna Maria (Research report, 2014)
      The main goal of the present report is to outline the possibilities for an enhanced cooperation between the Nordic countries within eScience and biodiversity. LifeWatch is one of several ESFRI projects which aim to establish ...
    • Open Data Practices among Users of Primary Biodiversity Data 

      Mandeville, Caitlin; Koch, Wouter; Nilsen, Erlend Birkeland; Finstad, Anders Gravbrøt (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Presence-only biodiversity data are increasingly relied on in biodiversity, ecology, and conservation research, driven by growing digital infrastructures that support open data sharing and reuse. Recent reviews of open ...
    • Recognizability bias in citizenscience photographs 

      Koch, Wouter; Hogeweg, Laurens; Nilsen, Erlend Birkeland; O'Hara, Robert B.; Finstad, Anders Gravbrøt (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      Citizen science and automated collection methods increasinglydepend on image recognition to provide the amountsof observational data research and management needs.Recognition models, meanwhile, also require large amounts ...