• Building design management in the early stages 

      Knotten, Vegard (Doctoral theses;2018:49, Doctoral thesis, 2018)
      The AEC is an industry in change due to developing demands in environmental, sustainability, technology, and other regulatory demands. For projects to successfully comply with the changes this needs to be dealt with in the ...
    • Planning the BIM Process in AEC Projects 

      Styrvold, Marie; Knotten, Vegard; Lædre, Ola (Chapter, 2019)
      The architectural, engineering and construction industry (AEC Industry) needs to focus on the early design phases. The use of Lean Design Management and Building Information Model (BIM) can be used together for reducing ...
    • Planning the building design process according to Level of Development 

      Svalestuen, Fredrik; Knotten, Vegard; Lædre, Ola; Lohne, Jardar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Question: Q1: What characterizes planning of the building design process in different industries today? Q2: How do the challenges of planning in the building design process stand out from other industries? Q3: How can ...
    • Stakeholder perspectives and information exchange in AEC projects 

      Meistad, Torill; Støre-Valen, Marit; Knotten, Vegard; Hosseini, Ali; Klakegg, Ole Jonny; Mejlænder-Larsen, Øystein; Hjelseth, Eilif; Svalestuen, Fredrik; Lædre, Ola; Hansen, Geir Karsten; Lohne, Jardar (Chapter, 2017)
    • Using building information model (BIM) devices to improve information flow and collaboration on construction sites 

      Svalestuen, Fredrik; Knotten, Vegard; Lædre, Ola; Drevland, Frode; Lohne, Jardar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      The AEC (Architectural Engineering and Construction) industry has been successfully using BIMs (Building Information Models) as a tool for improving the design process for some time now. Lately we have seen an increase in ...