• The Notion of the Native Speaker Put to the Test: Recent Research Advances 

      Vulchanova, Mila Dimitrova; Vulchanov, Valentin; Sorace, Antonella; Suarez-Gomez, Cristina; Guijarro-Fuentes, Pedro (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
    • Shrinking your deictic system: How far can you go? 

      Vulchanova, Mila Dimitrova; Guijarro-Fuentes, Pedro; Collier, Jacqueline; Vulchanov, Valentin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Languages around the world differ in terms of the number of adnominal and pronominal demonstratives they require, as well as the factors that impact on their felicitous use. Given this cross-linguistic variation in deictic ...
    • Spatial communication systems across languages reflect universal action constraints 

      Coventry, Kenny R.; Gudde, Harmen B.; Diessel, Holger; Collier, Jacqueline; Guijarro-Fuentes, Pedro; Vulchanova, Mila Dimitrova; Vulchanov, Valentin Ivanov; Todisco, Emanuela; Reile, Maria; Breunesse, Merlijn; Plado, Helen; Bohnemeyer, Juergen; Bsili, Raed; Caldano, Michela; Dekova, Rositsa; Donelson, Katharine; Forker, Diana; Park, Yesol; Pathak, Lekhnath Sharma; Peeters, David; Pizzuto, Gabriella; Serhan, Baris; Apse, Linda; Hesse, Florian; Hoang, Linh; Hoang, Phuong; Igari, Yoko; Kapiley, Keerthana; Haupt-Khutsishvili, Tamar; Kolding, Sara; Priiki, Katri; Mačiukaitytė, Ieva; Mohite, Vaisnavi; Nahkola, Tiina; Tsoi, Sum Yi; Williams, Stefan Daniel; Yasuda, Shunei; Cangelosi, Angelo; Dunabeitia Landaburu, Jon Andoni; Mishra, Ramesh Kumar; Rocca, Roberta; Šķilters, Jurģis; Wallentin, Mikkel; Žilinskaitė-Šinkūnienė, Eglė; Incel, Ozlem Durmaz (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      The extent to which languages share properties reflecting the non-linguistic constraints of the speakers who speak them is key to the debate regarding the relationship between language and cognition. A critical case is ...
    • U-shaped Trajectories in an L2 context: Evidence from the acquisition of verb morphology 

      Williams, Stefan Daniel; Guijarro-Fuentes, Pedro; Vulchanova, Mila Dimitrova (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      This study explores U-shaped behaviour in the acquisition of irregular verb morphology across three groups of Norwegian L2 learners of English. This phenomenon is especially interesting due to its significance for the ...
    • Variation in first-generation L1 deictic systems: Language attrition and bilingualism effects 

      Vulchanova, Mila Dimitrova; Collier, Jacqueline; Guijarro-Fuentes, Pedro; Vulchanov, Valentin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Aims and Objectives: This study explored the extent to which bilingual language exposure and practice might alter the way in which bilingual first-generation adult speakers use deictic demonstratives in their first language ...