• Beyond peak emission transfers: historical impacts of globalization and future impacts of climate policies on international emission transfers 

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      Globalization of supply chains has resulted in rapid increases in emission transfers from the developing to the developed world. As outsourcing has risen, developed countries have been able to decarbonize domestically, at ...
    • Carbon Leakage, Consumption, and Trade 

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      We review the state of knowledge concerning international CO2 emission transfers associated particularly with trade in energy-intensive goods and concerns about carbon leakage arising from climate policies. The historical ...
    • Energy Efficiency: What Has Research Delivered in the Last 40 Years? 

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    • The structure, drivers and policy implications of the European carbon footprint 

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      Policy to reduce the European Union’s (EU) carbon footprint needs to be grounded in an understanding of the structure and drivers of both the domestic and internationally traded components. Here we analyse consumption-based ...