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    • Towards Mid-IR Waveguide Lasers: Transition Metal Doped ZnS Thin Films 

      Karhu, Eric Andrew; Tolstik, Nikolai; Sorokin, Evgeni; Polyakov, Stanislav; Zamiri, Reza; Furtula, Vedran; Østerberg, Ulf Lennart; Sorokina, Irina T; Gibson, Ursula (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      Thin films of Cr and Fe-doped ZnS suitable for waveguide mid-IR applications, with well-isolated TM2+ peaks, and Cr2+ absorption and fluorescence comparable to bulk crystals were investigated. Raman data indicate that the ...
    • Ultrabroad Continuous-Wave Tuning of Ceramic Cr:ZnSe and Cr:ZnS Lasers 

      Sorokin, Evgeni; Sorokina, Irina T; Mirov, M.; Fedorov, V.; Moskalev, I.; Mirov, S. (Chapter, 2010)
      Using a single set of optics, we demonstrate ultrabroad tuning over more than 1300 nm from 1973 to 3349 nm in Cr:ZnSe and from 1962 to 3195 nm in Cr:ZnS at <10 GHz linewidth.
    • Ultrafast fiber-based lasers beyond 2 µm 

      Sorokina, Irina T; Tolstik, Nikolai; Richter, Roland; Chahal, Radwan; Sorokin, Evgeni (Chapter, 2017)
      The talk reviews recent advances in fiber based ultrafast mid-IR lasers and frequency combs, outlines the trends in materials as well as novel approaches for generation of ultra-broadband spectra above 2 mm.