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    • Thermoelectric properties of Cu2Se1−xTex solid solutions 

      Zhao, Kunpeng; Guan, Mengjia; Qiu, Pengfei; Blichfeld, Anders Bank; Eikeland, Espen; Zhu, Chenxi; Ren, Dudi; Xu, Fangfang; Iversen, Bo B; Xun, Shi; Chen, Lidong (Journal article, 2018)
      Binary Cu2Se and Cu2Te have gained great attention recently because of their interesting and abnormal physical properties, such as ultralow thermal conductivity, high carrier mobility, large effective mass of carriers and ...
    • Ultrahigh thermoelectric performance in Cu2−ySe0.5S0.5 liquid-like materials 

      Zhao, Kunpeng; Qiu, Pengfei; Song, Qingfeng; Blichfeld, Anders Bank; Eikeland, Espen; Ren, Dudi; Ge, Binghui; Iversen, Bo B; Shi, Xun; Chen, Lidong (Journal article, 2017)
      Liquid-like thermoelectric materials have recently received heightened attentions due to their exceptional thermal and electrical transport properties. As a typical example, Cu2−ySe has good electrical transport properties ...