• Backing out Expectations from Hydropower Release Time Series 

      Boger, Maren; Fleten, Stein-Erik; Pichler, Alois; Keppo, Jussi; Vestbøstad, Einar Midttun (Conference object; Journal article; Preprint, 2017)
      Our goal is to study how price expectations are formed in an electricity market. In the context of a single hydropower producer in the Nordic market, we expect the forward curve to have a strong influence. The alternative ...
    • Oil price volatility and speculation 

      Fleten, Stein-Erik; Olimb, Mats; Ødegård, Tore Malo (Conference object, 2010)
    • The relationship between prices and inflow in hydroelectric scheduling 

      Fleten, Stein-Erik; Seim, Tor Olav; Ole Ronny, Thorsnes (Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2010)
    • UN Global Compact as Means for Sustainable Value Creation 

      Vildåsen, Sigurd; Fet, Annik Magerholm; Magerøy, Kristoffer (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2014)
      Organizational barriers to sustainable value creation are analysed and discussed in this paper. Furthermore, a central objective is to present managerial recommendations on how to increase sustainability performance. The ...