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    • Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Attitude Determination and Control Systems 

      Waarum, Ivar-Kristian (Master thesis, 2007)
      This report describes the modelling and performance of an attitude determination and control system (ADCS) for a small satellite in lunar orbit. The focus is on stability analyses of each of the components in the system, ...
    • Functional Testing of Valves: A study of possible improvements that can be achived by Partial Stroke Testing at Statoil Kollsnes 

      Berge, Ola Kristoffer L. (Master thesis, 2007)
      Summary and Conclusion Emergency Shutdown (ESD) valves and High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) valves are final elements in Safety Instrumented Systems. Proof or functional testing are performed at specific ...
    • Instrumentering av autonomt ubemannet fly: CyberSwan 

      Bjørntvedt, Edgar (Master thesis, 2007)
      Målet med CyberSwan er å lage en generell plattform for et autonomt ubemannet fly. Gjennom arbeidet som er beskrevet i denne rapporten er det kommet frem til et egnet instrumenteringsplattform for CyberSwan. Med ...
    • Control system for rotifer production 

      Rumí Pastor, Alejandro (Master thesis, 2007)
      Rotifers are used extensively as start feed for many cultured marine fish species and commercial size hatcheries require stable daily supply of high quality rotifers of substantial volumes. This is often done relying on ...
    • COTS based Control System for Subsea 

      Tveiten, Eirik (Master thesis, 2007)
      This thesis looks into different topics regarding the use of Commercial off The Shelf (COTS) hardware and software for subsea control systems. COTS basically means every product which is commercially available. The idea ...
    • Numerical Modelling and Model Reduction of Heat Flow in Robotic Welding 

      Martinussen, Mads (Master thesis, 2007)
      The project includes a numerical model of heat flow in robotic welding. The modelling is done in finite element method, and afterwards exported to Matlab where the model will be linearized and model reduced. The ultimate ...
    • Development of an Electro-Mechanical model for Simulation of Stability in Wind/Diesel/Electrolyser Systems 

      Nilsen, Kim Reily (Master thesis, 2007)
      This thesis is about DC voltage regulation in a wind-hydrogen stand alone power system. A base case in MatLab/Simulink was expanded to include an electrolyser with power electronics and control electronics. It was decided ...
    • Pipeline Liquid Control using Nonlinear MPC and OLGA: Optimal Utilization of Available Liquid Buffer Volume during Pipeline Transients 

      Torpe, Håvard (Master thesis, 2007)
      Pipelines with multiphase flow will exhibit large and highly nonlinear liquid rates during transients caused by changes in production rate. This requires either a large separator (slug catcher) downstream, capable of ...
    • Estimering av TNS-parametre og -ytelse 

      Skorpen, Roger (Master thesis, 2007)
      Undervannsbåter er avhengige av et treghetsnavigasjonssystem (TNS) for å kunne beregne egen posisjon når de er neddykket. Denne oppgaven vil se nærmere på et skrogfast TNS som er i bruk på de norske undervannsbåtene av ...
    • Optimalisering av LNG-verdikjeden 

      Dahl, Kristoffer (Master thesis, 2007)
      Hovedmålet i hovedoppgaven er å utvikle en effektiv metode for å optimalisere driften av Statoils LNG anlegg ved uforutsette hendelser som forsinket skipsankomst og problemer med en produksjonsbrønn.
    • Kalman filter for attitude determination of student satellite 

      Rohde, Jan (Master thesis, 2007)
      In the autumn of 2006 a satellite project was started at NTNU. The goal of the project is two-folded, first it seeks to create more interest and expertise around the field of space technology, secondly to create a satellite ...
    • Modellering og regulering av sirkulært opphengt invertert multipendel 

      Bjørnson-Langen, Øyvind (Master thesis, 2007)
      Denne rapporten tar for seg arbeidet med å gå fra simulering av inverterte pendelsystemer, til fungerende oppsving og balansering på et fysisk system. Oppgaven omhandler mye av problematikken som man støter på i den ...
    • Master-slave synchronization control of mechanically coupled Robot Manipulators 

      Aune, Rune Tevasvold (Master thesis, 2007)
      Different synchronization schemes are considered for controlling a mechanically coupled multi-robot system on a robotized platform. The schemes are briefly presented and compared, before the feasibility of the popular ...
    • Stability Analysis of EKF - based Attitude Determination and Control 

      Tønne, Karianne Knutsen (Master thesis, 2007)
      This thesis is a part of the SSETI (Student Space Exploration Technology Initiative) project, where students from several universities around Europe work together with the European Space Agency (ESA) with designing, building, ...
    • Komplett målesystem for vannkvalitet i merd 

      Fossum, John André (Master thesis, 2007)
      Bidra med å utvikle et produkt for oppdrettsnæringen som skal være med å optimalisere, videreutvikle og dokumentere nødvendige sammenhenger innenfor oppdrett av fisk i oppdrettsanlegg.
    • Control Relevant Modeling and Nonlinear State Estimation Applied to SOFC-GT Power Systems 

      Kandepu, Rambabu (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2007:172, Doctoral thesis, 2007)
      With today’s increasing concern about global warming and climate change and further increase in energy demand, there is an incentive to investigate power processes that operate efficiently, and thus reducing the amount of ...
    • Modeling Run-Time Distributions in Passively Replicated Fault-Tolerant Systems 

      Tjora, Åsmund (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2007:259, Doctoral thesis, 2007)
      Many real-time applications will have strict reliability requirements in addition to the timing requirements. To fulfill these reliability requirements, it may be necessary to use a fault-tolerance strategy. An active ...
    • Verification and extension of a linear model of a rotary converter 

      Aschenbrenner, Bernhard (Master thesis, 2007)
      In this work, a verification and extension of a linear rotary converter model is done in Matlab®/Simulink. The existing model was developed by Thomas Høyvik Garten in his master thesis “Linear Model of Rotary Converter in ...
    • CyberBike 

      Sølvberg, Audun (Master thesis, 2007)
      The idea about the CyberBike came to Jens G. Balchen - the founder of the Department of Engineering Cybernetics (ITK) at NTNU - in the 1980's. He wanted to make an unmanned autonomus bicycle, i.e. a bike that could run by ...
    • Optimal Reservoir control using nonlinear MPC and ECLIPSE 

      Meum, Patrick (Master thesis, 2007)
      Recent years advances within well deployment and instrumentation technology offers huge potentials for increased oil recovery from reservoir production. Wells can now be equipped with controllable valves at reservoir depth, ...