• 1.9 micron Tm3+-doped germanate fiber laser source for Si-processing 

      Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Sorokina, Irina T; Okhotnikov, Oleg; Mashinsky, Valery M.; Ischakova, Lyudmila D.; Dianov, Evgenii M; Khopin, Vladimir F.; Guryanov, Aleksey N. (Chapter, 2011)
      We report development of a novel Tm3+ -doped fiber laser source at 1.86 μm based on highly nonlinear 55GeO2-45SiO2 dispersion shifted fiber, applicable to 3D-volume microprocessing of Si.
    • 2.4 μm dual-comb spectroscopy 

      Bernhardt, B; Sorokin, Evgeni; Jacquet, P; Thon, R; Becker, T; Sorokina, Irina T; Hansch, TW; Picque, Nathalie (Chapter, 2010)
      A proof-of-principle experiment of mid-infrared frequency comb Fourier transform spectroscopy is carried out with two interfering Cr2+:ZnSe femtosecond oscillators, emitting around 2400 nm. Spectra of acetylene are measured ...
    • 3W Raman Soliton Tunable between 2-2.2 µm in Tm-Doped Fiber MOPA 

      Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Klimentov, Dmitry; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2013)
      The simple and compact Tm-doped fiber MOPA generates tunable between 2-2.2 µm Raman solitons with average power up to 3W. Pulses as short as 130 fs and energy up to 38 nJ were demonstrated.
    • 5 W Supercontinuum Generation at 1.9-2.5 μm from a Tm-Doped All-Fiber MOPA Laser 

      Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2013)
      We report a simple method of generating flat-top high power (5W) supercontinuum from an all-silica-fiber Tm-MOPA laser emitting in the interesting for applications 1.96-2.48 μm range (at -5 dB level), covering transparency ...
    • 8.6 MHz Extended Cavity Cr:ZnS Chirped-pulse Oscillator 

      Tolstik, Nikolai; Lee, Cherrie; Sorokin, Evgeni; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2018)
      We report the first extended cavity Cr:ZnS chirped-pulse oscillator mode-locked by graphene. We demonstrate 415 mW average power at 8.6 MHz repetition rate which results in 48 nJ pulse energy.
    • All-Fiber Optical Supercontinuum Source at 1.7-2.9 μm 

      Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2013)
      We report supercontinuum generation in the range of 1.7-2.9 μm at up to 3.08 W of output power from a Tm-doped pulsed fiber laser emitting between 1.9-2.5 μm, spliced with a nonlinear fluoride or germanate fiber.
    • Broad-band GVD Measurement of Specialty Fibers in mid-IR 

      Klimentov, Dmitry; Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Tolstik, Nikolai; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2012)
      We demonstrate a novel interferometeric setup for broad-band (>300nm) GVD measurements in short-length optical fibers in the mid-IR wavelength range using a superluminescent fiber source and investigate specialty fibers ...
    • Broadly tunable high-power continuous-wave Cr2+:CdS laser 

      Sorokin, Evgeni; Klimentov, Dmitry; Sorokina, Irina T; Kozlovskii, V. I.; Korostelin, Yu. V.; Landman, A. I.; Podmar'kov, Y. P.; Skasyrskii, Ya. K.; Frolov, M. P. (Chapter, 2011)
      We report spectroscopic and laser study of Cr2+:CdS laser - an attractive material for 3 µm room-temperature operation. 1.8 W of output power, continuously tunable over 1000 nm from 2240 nm to 3285 nm was demonstrated.
    • Ceramic Cr:ZnS laser mode-locked by graphene 

      Tolstik, Nikolai; Sorokin, Evgeni; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2014)
      We report a high-power graphene mode-locked ceramic Cr:ZnS-laser, producing 3.9 nJ, 140 fs pulses with 45 nm spectral bandwidth at 270 MHz repetition rate, at output power for the first time exceeding 1 W level.
    • Chaotic regime in chirped-pulse mid-IR oscillators 

      Sorokin, E.; Tolstik, Nikolai; Kalashnikov, Valdimir L; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2013)
      We present experimental investigation of the chaotic mode-locking operation regime in two novel chirped-pulsed Cr:ZnS and Cr:ZnSe mid-IR lasers. The long-term stable regime is caused by the nonlinear interaction of dispersive ...
    • Clad-Pumped YDFLs Operating in the 1150-1200 nm Range 

      Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Medvedkov, OI; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2012)
      We demonstrate clad-pumped YDFLs operating at the 1147, 1160 and 1180 nm wavelengths at 35, 21 and 10.5 W of output power, respectively; operation at 1200 nm was realized for the first time.
    • Climate Change and Fate of Arctic Oil Spills 

      Nordam, Tor; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Reed, Mark (Chapter, 2017)
      To investigate how the fate of oil released in the Arctic Ocean may change with a warmer climate, we have performed ensembles of oil spill simulations using Arctic environmental information (winds, currents, ice cover, ...
    • Compact Diode-pumped Dispersion-managed SESAM-mode-locked Ho:fiber Laser 

      Tolstik, Nikolai; Sorokin, Evgeni; bugar, ignac; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2016)
      We demonstrate for the first time a compact mode-locked holmium fiber laser diode-pumped at 1150 nm. The laser was operated in the dispersion-managed dissipative-soliton regime and provided 3.7 nJ pulse energy at 7.8 MHz PRF
    • Continuum generation in Mid-IR from Tm-doped germanate fiber using femtosecond Cr:ZnS laser 

      Tolstik, Nikolai; Klimentov, Dmitry; Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Sorokina, Irina T; Kalashnikov, Vladimir; Sorokin, Evgeni (Chapter, 2012)
      The mid-IR supercontinuum generation in fibers has received much attention due to its broad applicability to high-resolution spectroscopy and trace gas analysis, frequency metrology and optical coherence tomography (OCT). ...
    • Convergence of Ensemble Simulations for Environmental Risk Assessment 

      Nordam, Tor; Brönner, Ute; Daae, Ragnhild Lundmark (Chapter, 2017)
      Ensemble simulations of oil fate and transport for a hypothetical oil spill, sometimes referred to as "stochastic simulations", are frequently used for environmental risk assessment related to offshore operations. In this ...
    • Cr:ZnSe Bulk and Cr:ZnSe Thin Disk cw Lasers 

      Renz, Guenther; Speiser, Jochen; Giesen, Adolf; Sorokina, Irina T; Sorokin, Evgeni (Chapter, 2012)
      A Thulium-fiber-laser pumped Cr:ZnSe bulk cw laser with an output power of 6.5W as well as a Thulium-fiber-laser or diode-laser-stack pumped Cr:ZnSe thin disk cw laser with almost 2W of output powers will be presented.
    • Designing good practices for teaching and managing multi-campus courses 

      Andersen, Trine Højberg; Rolstad, Knut Bjørkli; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen (Chapter, 2020)
    • Diode-pumped mode-locked Holmium fiber laser at 2.138 um 

      Tolstik, Nikolai; Sorokin, Evgeni; bugar, ignac; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2017)
    • Dispersion Measurement of Infrared Specialty Fibers 

      Klimentov, Dmitry; Tolstik, Nikolai; Kalashnikov, VL; Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2012)
      We demonstrate broadband (>250nm) dispersion measurements and theoretical calculations in a set of short-length specialty fibers in the 2.16-2.41µm wavelength range for femtosecond mid-IR applications using an ultrabroadband ...
    • Doped chalcogenide glasses for luminescence and laser application 

      Chahal, Radwan; Starecki, F.; Boussard-Plédel, C.; Bureau, B.; Nazabal, Virginie; Doualan, J.-L.; Braud, A.; Camy, P.; Tolstik, Nikolai; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2016)