• Adaptive responses of animals to climate change are most likely insufficient 

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      Biological responses to climate change have been widely documented across taxa and regions, but it remains unclear whether species are maintaining a good match between phenotype and environment, i.e. whether observed trait ...
    • Demographic routes to variability and regulation in bird populations 

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      There is large interspecific variation in the magnitude of population fluctuations, even among closely related species. The factors generating this variation are not well understood, primarily because of the challenges ...
    • Effects of Spring Temperatures on the Strength of Selection on Timing of Reproduction in a Long-Distance Migratory Bird 

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      Climate change has differentially affected the timing of seasonal events for interacting trophic levels, and this has often led to increased selection on seasonal timing. Yet, the environmental variables driving this ...
    • Estimating the variation, autocorrelation, and environmental sensitivity of phenotypic selection 

      Chevin, Luis-Miguel; Visser, Marcel E.; Tufto, Jarle (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      Despite considerable interest in temporal and spatial variation of phenotypic selection, very few methods allow quantifying this variation while correctly accounting for the error variance of each individual estimate. ...
    • Statistical methods for estimating fluctuating selection 

      Cao, Yihan (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2020:99, Doctoral thesis, 2020)