• Development and Progression in Danish eHealth Policies: Towards Evidence-Based Policy Making 

      Villumsen, Sidsel; Faxvaag, Arild; Nøhr, Christian (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      In order to realise the potential benefits of eHealth, governments develop eHealth policies to define and prioritise initiatives, the strategic goals and the resulting benefits. During the 23 years with eHealth policies ...
    • Nordic eHealth benchmarking. From piloting towards established practice. 

      Hypponen, Hannele; Koch, Sabine; Faxvaag, Arild; Gilstad, Heidi; Nøhr, Christian; Hardardottir, Gudrun; Andreassen, Hege; Bertelsen, Pernille; Kangaas, Maarit; Reponen, Jarmo; Villumsen, Sidsel; Vimarlund, Vivian (TemaNord;, Research report, 2017)
    • Nordic eHealth Benchmarking. Towards evidence informed policies 

      Nøhr, Christian; Faxvaag, Arild; Chen, Hsi Tsai; Hardardóttir, Gudrun Audur; Hypponen, Hannele; Andreassen, Hege Kristin; Gilstad, Heidi; Jonsson, Heidin; Reponen, Jarmo; Kaipio, Johanna; Øvlisen, Maja; Kangas, Maarit; Bertelsen, Pernille; Koch, Sabine; Villumsen, Sidsel; Schmidt, Thomas; Vehko, Tuulikki; Vimarlund, Vivian (TemaNord;, Research report, 2020)
    • Translating e health visions from strategy to practice - a benefit management approach 

      Villumsen, Sidsel; Nøhr, Christian; Faxvaag, Arild (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      The municipalities and the Regional Health Authorities in Central Norway have been assigned a mandate to implement a shared electronic health record, Helseplattformen, reflecting the visions set out in the national eHealth ...