• Added value of a virtual approach to simulation-based learning in a manufacturing learning factory 

      Tvenge, Nina; Ogorodnyk, Olga; Martinsen, Kristian; Østbø, Niels Peter (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      More and more learning factories (LF) are set up supporting the vision of Industry 4.0 connectivity and automation levels; thus, digital twins, virtual and augmented reality are emerging tools. Literature review is the ...
    • CDIO design education collaboration using 3D-desktop printers 

      Haavi, Thomas; Tvenge, Nina; Martinsen, Kristian (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Desktop 3D-printers are now a low-cost commodity product, and have been increasingly used in engineering education. The ability for students to print a prototype of their design is naturally a step forward in the education ...
    • Integration of digital learning in industry 4.0 

      Tvenge, Nina; Martinsen, Kristian (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      The emerging advances in sensor systems, automation and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for manufacturing opens new possibilities for lifelong learning utilizing data from production. The data can be source ...
    • Learning factories as laboratories for socio-technical experiments 

      Tvenge, Nina; Martinsen, Kristian; Holtskog, Halvor (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Production systems might be viewed as complex socio-technical systems. A central part of socio-technical systems theory, is that improvements demands joint optimization of both the technological and the social parts of the ...
    • «LærING» - Erfaringer fra fleksibel ingeniørutdanning ved HiG 

      Johansen, Fred; Stadheim, Astrid; Tvenge, Nina (Høgskolen i Gjøviks rapportserie, Research report, 2010)
    • "Stemningsrapport": fleksible studier ved Høgskolen i Gjøvik 

      Tvenge, Nina; Johansen, Fred; Stadheim, Astrid (Høgskolen i Gjøviks notatserie;2010:01, Research report, 2010)
      TØL har erfaring med fleksibilisering av fag og studium siden 2000 med Byggesakskolen og Byggeskikk sammen med Universell utforming og kurs innen bank og finans fra 2004. Dette, i tillegg til fellesprosjektet for hele ...

      Stadheim, Helge (Master thesis, 2019)
      Virtual teams has become more and more common in today’s world, where globalization means that people from different locations all over the world suddenly work together in teams. Teams that needs to cooperate on a daily ...