• Biokarbon som reduksjonsmiddel i manganproduksjon 

      Braaten, Pauline Verula; Simonsen, Thomas Park (Bachelor thesis, 2020)
      Sammendraget kan ikke offentliggjøres på grunn av konfidensiell oppgave.
    • Impregnering med pyrolyseolje 

      Aaland Ytterbø, Anders; Koch, Lukas (Bachelor thesis, 2019)
    • Ozone based ECF bleaching of softwood kraft pulp 

      Toven, Kai (Dr. ingeniøravhandling, 0809-103X; 2000:98, Doctoral thesis, 2000)
      The objective of this work was to explore fundamental aspects of utilizing (DZ) and (ZD) bleaching stages in the prebleaching of oxygen delignified Scandinavian softwood kraft pulp, and compare paper properties of fully ...
    • Risk for mould growth in insulation materials 

      Heggebø, Ada Cecilie (Master thesis, 2014)
      The aim of this project has been to evaluate what effect different types of fire retardant additives have on mold growth in cellulose insulations. The cellulose insulation materials used have been prepared from two different ...