• Part II: Living Life: A Meta-Synthesis Exploring Recovery as Processual Experiences 

      Sommer, Mona; Biong, Stian; Borg, Marit; Karlsson, Bengt Eirik; Klevan, Trude Gøril; Ness, Ottar; Nesse, Linda; Hansen, Jeppe Oute; Sundet, Rolf; Kim, Hesook Suzie (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Recovery, a prominent concern in mental health care worldwide, has been variously defined, requiring further clarification of the term as processual. Few studies have comprehensively addressed the nature of recovery ...
    • Parterapiens historie 

      Holthe, Jahn-Fredrik; Kristiansen, Lena; Sundet, Rolf; Ness, Ottar (Chapter, 2017)