• A new Norwegian bioeconomy based on cultivation and processing of seaweeds: Opportunities and R&D needs 

      Skjermo, Jorunn; Aasen, Inga Marie; Arff, Johanne; Broch, Ole Jacob; Carvajal, Ana Karina; Christie, Hartvig C; Forbord, Silje; Olsen, Yngvar; Reitan, Kjell Inge; Rustad, Turid; Sandquist, Judit; Solbakken, Roar; Steinhovden, Kristine; Wittgens, Bernd; Wolff, Robert; Handå, Aleksander (Research report, 2014)
    • An SEM-EDX Study of Forest Residue Chars Produced at High Temperatures and High Heating Rate 

      Wang, Liang; Li, Tian; Matas, Berta Güell; Løvås, Terese; Sandquist, Judit (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      This work investigated morphology, structure and chemical transformation of forest residue chars devolatilized in a drop tube reactor at high heating rates and high temperature conditions. Produced forest residue chars ...
    • Fast hydrothermal liquefaction of native and torrefied wood 

      Tran, Khanh-Quang; Klemsdal, Aksel Junge; Zhang, Wennan; Sandquist, Judit; Wang, Liang; Skreiberg, Øyvind (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      The work presented in this paper aimed to examine the effect of heating rate on the bio-crude yield of wood hydrothermal liquefaction. Three different heating methods were developed, resulting in heating rates ranging from ...