• Active structuring of colloidal armour on liquid drops 

      Dommersnes, Paul; Rozynek, Zbigniew; Mikkelsen, Alexander; Castberg, Rene; Kjerstad, Knut; Hersvik, Kjetil; Fossum, Jon Otto (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2013)
      Adsorption and assembly of colloidal particles at the surface of liquid droplets are at the base of particle-stabilized emulsions and templating. Here we report that electrohydrodynamic and electro-rheological effects ...
    • Clay alignment in electric fields 

      Castberg, Rene; Rozynek, Zbigniew; Fossum, Jon Otto; Måløy, Knut Jørgen; Dommersnes, Paul; Flekkøy, Eirik Grude (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      The response of rotational alignment of lithium fluorohectorite (Li-Fh) to an external electric field has been studied by employing image analysis. Large aggregates consisting of many single clay particles were prepared ...
    • Dipolar ordering of clay particles in various carrier fluids 

      Rozynek, Zbigniew; Mauroy, Henrik; Castberg, Rene; Knudsen, Kenneth Dahl; Fossum, Jon Otto (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      We investigate here examples of complexity in composite materials. The objective of the paper is to show that clay particles can be aligned in different hosting media, such as: silicone oil, paraffin-wax, polystyrene and ...
    • Electric field nematic alignment of fluorohectorite clay particles in oligomeric matrices 

      Rozynek, Zbigniew; Castberg, Rene; Mikkelsen, Alexander; Fossum, Jon Otto (Journal article, 2013)
      We study the behavior of fluorohectorite synthetic clay particles dispersed in paraffin wax. We report wide-angle x-ray scattering related to electric-field-induced alignment of the embedded clay particles. The development ...
    • Electric-field-induced structuring and rheological properties of kaolinite and halloysite 

      Rozynek, Zbigniew; Zacher, Tomáš; Janek, Márian; Čaplovičová, Mária; Fossum, Jon Otto (Journal article, 2013)
      Electric-field-induced structuring of kaolinite and halloysite particles was studied in respect to their electrorheological (ER) response in silicone oil and in paraffin dispersions. The structural and morphological ...
    • Oxygen-Controlled Phase Segregation in Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)/Laponite Nanocomposite Hydrogels 

      Mauroy, Henrik; Rozynek, Zbigniew; Plivelic, Tomás S.; Fossum, Jon Otto; Helgesen, Geir; Knudsen, Kenneth (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2013)