• A Shorterm assessment of flexibility analyzing different levels of VRES deployment in a Unit Commitment model 

      Villanueva Revenga, Rodrigo (Master thesis, 2019)
      Flexibility has become an important property of the electric power systems and currently plays a crucial role in delivering efficient balancing to supply-demand operations. The rise of an environmental concern from governments ...
    • Analyse av utstyr og isolasjonsnivå i spolejordet nett 

      Nessa, Stian; Lodgaard, Esten; Foldnes, Benedicte-Elise; Simensen, Jostein (Bachelor thesis, 2020)
      Formålet med denne avhandlingen er å få en oversikt over- og analysere ulike normer og forskrifter som omhandler utstyr og isolasjonsnivå i norske spolejordet nett. Resultatet av avhandlingen vil bli brukt til å komme med ...
    • Assessment of flexibility in different ancillary services for the power system 

      Sæle, Hanne; Morch, Andrei Z; Degefa, Merkebu Zenebe; Oleinikova, Irina (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      To handle the changing power system and enable the energy transformation, several actions are needed, where the increase of digitalization, automation and more substantial production variability implies a need for flexibility. ...
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Battery Energy Storage in Electric Power Grids: Research and Practices 

      Sperstad, Iver Bakken; Istad, Maren Kristine; Sæle, Hanne; Korpås, Magnus; Oleinikova, Irina; Hänninen, Seppo; Motta, Sergio; Panagiotou, Konstantina; Papadimitriou, Christina; Efthymiou, Venizelos; Træholt, Chresten; Marinelli, Mattia (Chapter, 2020)
      This paper provides an overview of methods for including Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) into electric power grid planning. The general approach to grid planning is the same with and without BESS, but when BESS is ...
    • Energy Management Modelling Under Real-time Approach 

      Oleinikova, Irina; Mutule, Anna; Zikmanis, Ivars; Grebesh, Ervins (Chapter, 2019)
      The paper describes modelling, design and testing of the developed Energy Management Strategy (EMS) system simulation model. The project was carried out by NTNU and IPE contributing to CloudGrid, with the aim to develop a ...
    • Flexibility Assessment Through Local Energy Consumer 

      Oleinikova, Irina; Mutule, Anna (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      The paper describes modelling experience in flexibility assessment for local energy consumer. Energy Management System strategies were carried out in order to facilitate pricebased demand response for future implementation ...
    • Flexibility needs in the future power system 

      Hillberg, Emil; Zegers, Antony; Herndler, Barbara; Wong, Steven; Pompee, Jean; Bourmaud, Jean-Yves; Lehnhoff, Sebastian; Migliavacca, Gianluigi; Uhlen, Kjetil; Oleinikova, Irina; Pihl, Hjalmar; Norstrom, Markus; Persson, Mattias; Rossi, Joni; Beccuti, Giovanni (Research report, 2019)
    • Improving automatic reclosing logic "Kongik-Jord" in compensated systems 

      Bremnes, Lars Thaulow; Bøe, Magnus Alexander; Eik, Ruben; Thomassen, Magnus Aune (Bachelor thesis, 2020)
      På grunn av den økende etterspørselen etter elektrisk energi blir det stadig viktigere at kraftnettet er stabilt og driftssikkert. For å holde kraftnettet driftssikkert må alle innretninger fungere optimalt. En av disse ...
    • micro vs MEGA: trends influencing the development of the power system 

      Oleinikova, Irina; Hillberg, Emil (Research report, 2020)
    • The Regulatory Framework for Market Transparency in Future Power Systems under the Web-of-Cells Concept 

      Bobinaite, Viktorija; Di Somma, Marialaura; Giorgio, Graditi; Oleinikova, Irina (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      This paper investigates the regulatory rules of market transparency which could be applied within the wholesale electricity market and market for frequency and voltage control in the Web-of-Cells (WoC) decentralized power ...