• Modelling of oil thickness in the presence of an ice edge 

      Nordam, Tor; Litzler, Emma; Skancke, Jørgen; Singsaas, Ivar; Leirvik, Frode; Johansen, Øistein (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Oil slick thickness is a key parameter for the behaviour of oil spilled at sea. It influences evaporation and entrainment, viable response options, and the risk to marine life at the surface. Determining this value is ...
    • Oil Spill Contingency and Response Modelling in Ice-Covered Waters 

      Nordam, Tor; Litzler, Emma; Rønningen, Petter; Aune, Joakim; Hagelien, Thomas Fjæstad; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Brönner, Ute (Chapter, 2018)
    • On the use of random walk schemes in oil spill modelling 

      Nordam, Tor; Nepstad, Raymond; Litzler, Emma; Röhrs, Johannes (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      In oil spill models, vertical mixing due to turbulence is commonly modelled by random walk. If the eddy diffusivity varies with depth, failing to take the derivative of the diffusivity into account in the random walk scheme ...