• Centralised and Distributed Optimization for Aggregated Flexibility Services Provision 

      Olivella-Rosell, Pol; Rullan, Francesc; Lloret-Gallego, Pau; Prieto-Araujo, Eduardo; Ferrer-San-José, Ricard; Barja-Martinez, Sara; Bjarghov, Sigurd; Lakshmanan, Venkatachalam; Hentunen, Ari; Forsström, Juha; Ottesen, Stig Ødegaard; Villafafila-Robles, Roberto; Sumper, Andreas (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      The recent deployment of distributed battery units in prosumer premises offer new opportunities for providing aggregated flexibility services to both distribution system operators and balance responsible parties. The ...
    • Charging flexibility from electric vehicles via autonomous chargers in a workplace 

      Skogland, Teis Kloster (Master thesis, 2021)
      As a part of the ongoing project Autonomously Controlled Distributed Chargers (ACDC), This thesis have designed an autonomous charging controller, with a distributed control architecture incorporating virtual aggregator ...
    • Flexibility of controllable power transformers for managing wind uncertainty using robust adjustable linearised optimal power flow 

      Nikoobakht, Ahmad; Aghaei, Jamshid; Farahmand, Hossein; Lakshmanan, Venkatachalam; Korpås, Magnus (Journal article, 2019)
      As renewable energy sources (RESs) penetration increases in the power system, the transmission system operators face new challenges to ensure system reliability and flexibility while ensuring high utilisation of uncertain ...
    • Simplified Battery operation and Control algorithm 

      Ottesen, Stig Ødegaard; Olivella, Pol; Lloret, Pau; Hentunen, Ari; Del Granado, Pedro Crespo; Bjarghov, Sigurd; Lakshmanan, Venkatachalam; Aghaei, Jamshid; Korpås, Magnus; Farahmand, Hossein (Research report, 2017)