• A Decision Support Tool for Planning Lamp Post Charging Stations 

      Jørgensrud, Stian; Puvitharan, Ragulan (Master thesis, 2019)
      Det finnes mange artikler som har hatt et teoretisk fokus på optimal plassering av ladestasjoner. I Norge, hvor utbredelsen av elektriske kjøretøy er blant den høyeste i verden og det er flere ladestasjoner enn bensinstasjoner, ...
    • A Framework for Ontology Based Semantic Search 

      Hagelien, Thomas Fjæstad (Master thesis, 2018)
      Publicly-accessible open transport data is provided by the public sector in an effort to create new opportunities, stimulate innovation and enable new solutions that benefits the society. The number of datasets available ...
    • Blockchain and Sustainability: A Tertiary Study 

      Jiang, Shanshan; Jakobsen, Kine Charlotte; Jaccheri, Maria Letizia; Li, Jingyue (Chapter, 2021)
      Blockchain is an emerging technology with potential to address issues related to sustainability. Literature reviews on blockchain and sustain ability exist, but there is a need to consolidate existing results, in particular, ...
    • Smart EV charging systems for Zero Emission Neighbourhoods 

      Sørensen, Åse Lekang; Jiang, Shanshan; Torsæter, Bendik Nybakk; Völler, Steve (ZEN Report;, Research report, 2018)
      The increased use of electric vehicles (EVs) calls for new and innovative solutions for charging infrastructure. At the same time, it is desirable to improve the energy flexibility of neighbourhoods. This paper presents ...
    • Some Service Issues in Adaptable Service Systems 

      Jiang, Shanshan (Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU, 1503-8181; 2008:52, Doctoral thesis, 2008)
      Networked services have been an important research topic for over 40 years. These days, the amount and variety of services are growing enormously at the same time as the complexity and heterogeneity of the service systems ...
    • A Tertiary Review on Blockchain and Sustainability With Focus on Sustainable Development Goals 

      Jiang, Shanshan; Jakobsen, Kine Charlotte; Bueie, Jonas; Li, Jingyue; Haro, Peter (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)