• A Framework for Ontology Based Semantic Search 

      Hagelien, Thomas Fjæstad (Master thesis, 2018)
      Publicly-accessible open transport data is provided by the public sector in an effort to create new opportunities, stimulate innovation and enable new solutions that benefits the society. The number of datasets available ...
    • Oil Spill Contingency and Response Modelling in Ice-Covered Waters 

      Nordam, Tor; Litzler, Emma; Rønningen, Petter; Aune, Joakim; Hagelien, Thomas Fjæstad; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Brönner, Ute (Chapter, 2018)
    • Soft: a framework for semantic interoperability of scientific software 

      Hagelien, Thomas Fjæstad; Chesnokov, Andrey; Johansen, Stein Tore; Meese, Ernst A.; Løvfall, Bjørn Tore (Chapter, 2017)
      In this paper we present our strategy and implementation of a datacentric modelling framework (SOFT, SINTEF Open Framework and Tools) with focus on information interchange in throughprocess and multiscale applications. ...