• Energy-Preserving Integrators Applied to Nonholonomic Systems 

      Celledoni, Elena; Farre Puiggali, Marta; Høiseth, Eirik Hoel; Martin de Diego, David (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      We introduce energy-preserving integrators for nonholonomic mechanical systems. We will see that the nonholonomic dynamics is completely determined by a triple ({{\mathcal {D}}}^*, \varPi , \mathcal {H}), where {{\mathcal ...
    • Numerical Methods for Nonholonomic Rigid Body Dynamics 

      Høiseth, Eirik Hoel (Master thesis, 2011)
      We discuss general nonholonomic systems on manifolds in the setting of both continousand discrete mechanics, before focusing on systems with symmetry that enable a reduction of the equations of motion to a quotient space ...
    • Passivity-preserving splitting methods for rigid body systems 

      Celledoni, Elena; Høiseth, Eirik Hoel; Ramzina, Nataliya (Journal article, 2018)
      A rigid body model for the dynamics of a marine vessel, used in simulations of offshore pipe-lay operations, gives rise to a set of ordinary differential equations with controls. The system is input–output passive. We ...
    • Structure preserving integration of constrained mechanical systems 

      Høiseth, Eirik Hoel (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2017:157, Doctoral thesis, 2017)