• Assessing the role of genome-wide DNA methylation between smoking and risk of lung cancer using repeated measurements: the HUNT Study 

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      Background: It is unclear if smoking-related DNA methylation represents a causal pathway between smoking and risk of lung cancer. We sought to identify novel smoking-related DNA methylation sites in blood, with repeated ...
    • The blood metabolome of incident kidney cancer: A case-control study nested within the MetKid consortium 

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    • Circulating cotinine concentrations and lung cancer risk in the Lung Cancer Cohort Consortium (LC3) 

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      Background Self-reported smoking is the principal measure used to assess lung cancer risk in epidemiological studies. We evaluated if circulating cotinine—a nicotine metabolite and biomarker of recent tobacco exposure—provides ...
    • Circulating high sensitivity C reactive protein concentrations and risk of lung cancer: Nested case-control study within Lung Cancer Cohort Consortium 

      Muller, David C.; Larose, Tricia L; Hodge, Allison; Guida, Florence; Langhammer, Arnulf; Grankvist, Kjell; Meyer, Klaus; Cai, Qiuyin; Arslan, Alan A.; Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, Anne; Albanes, Demetrius; Giles, Graham G.; Sesso, Howard D.; Lee, I-Min; Gaziano, J. Michael; Yuan, Jian-Min; Hoffman Bolton, Judith; Buring, Julie E.; Visvanathan, Kala; Le Marchand, Loic; Purdue, Mark P.; Caporaso, Neil E.; Midttun, Øivind; Ueland, Per Magne; Prentice, Ross L.; Weinstein, Stephanie J.; Stevens, Victoria L.; Zheng, Wei; Blot, William J.; Shu, Xiao-Ou; Zhang, Xuehong; Xiang, Yong-Bing; Koh, Woon-Puay; Hveem, Kristian; Thomson, Cynthia A.; Pettinger, Mary; Engström, Gunnar; Brunnström, Hans; Milne, Roger L.; Stampfer, Meir J.; Han, Jiali; Johansson, Mikael; Brennan, Paul; Severi, Gianluca; Johansson, Mattias (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Objectives: Inflammation may play an important role in lung cancer pathogenesis. Previous studies have suggested an association between C-reactive protein (CRP) as a marker of inflammation, and risk of lung cancer, but ...
    • Epidemiology of 40 blood biomarkers of one-carbon metabolism, vitamin status, inflammation, and renal and endothelial function among cancer-free older adults 

      Zahed, Hana; Johansson, Mattias; Ueland, Per Magne; Midttun, Øivind; Milne, Roger L.; Giles, Graham G.; Manjer, Jonas; Sandsveden, Malte; Langhammer, Arnulf; Sørgjerd, Elin Pettersen; Grankvist, Kjell; Johansson, Mikael; Freedman, Neal D.; Huang, Wen-Yi; Chen, Chu; Prentice, Ross; Stevens, Victoria L.; Wang, Ying; Le Marchand, Loic; Wilkens, Lynne R.; Weinstein, Stephanie J.; Albanes, Demetrius; Cai, Qiuyin; Blot, William J.; Arslan, Alan A.; Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, Anne; Shu, Xiao-Ou; Zheng, Wei; Yuan, Jian-Min; Koh, Woon-Puay; Visvanathan, Kala; Sesso, Howard D.; Zhang, Xuehong; Gaziano, J. Michael; Fanidi, Anouar; Muller, David; Brennan, Paul; Guida, Florence; Robbins, Hilary A. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Imbalances of blood biomarkers are associated with disease, and biomarkers may also vary non-pathologically across population groups. We described variation in concentrations of biomarkers of one-carbon metabolism, vitamin ...