• Analysis of ESAFORM 2021 cup drawing benchmark of an Al alloy, critical factors for accuracy and efficiency of FE simulations 

      Habraken, A.M.; Aksen, T.A.; Alves, J.L.; Amaral, R.L.; Betaieb, E.; Chandola, N.; Corallo, L.; Cruz, D.J.; Engel, B.; Esener, E.; Firat, M.; Frohn-Sörensen, P.; Galán-López, J.; Ghiabakloo, H.; Kestens, L.; Lian, J.; Lingam, R.; Liu, W.; Ma, Jun; Menezes, L.F.; Nguyen-Minh, T.; Miranda, S.S.; Neto, D.M.; Pereira, A.; Prates, P.A.; Reuter, J.; Revil-Baudard, B.; Rojas-Ulloa, C.; Sener, B.; Shen, F.; Bael, A.V.; Verleysen, P.; Barlat, F.; Cazacu, O.; Kuwabara, T.; Lopes, A.; Oliveira, M.C.; Santos, A.D.; Vincze, G. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      This article details the ESAFORM Benchmark 2021. The deep drawing cup of a 1 mm thick, AA 6016-T4 sheet with a strong cube texture was simulated by 11 teams relying on phenomenological or crystal plasticity approaches, ...
    • ESAFORM 2021 cup drawing benchmark of an Al alloy: Critical follow up analysis of its potentials 

      Oliveira, C.M.; Cazacu, O.; Revil Baudard, B.; Neto, D.M.; Frohn-Sörensen, P.; Ma, Jun; Liu, W.; Cruz, D.J.; Santos, A.D.; Van Bael, Albert; Ghiabakloo, H.; Habraken, A.M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)