• Conceptualising authentication of ruralness 

      Frisvoll, Svein Johan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2013)
      Authenticity, a key asset to rural tourism, is a problematic concept. The debate on authenticity has so far proven unable to deliver a conceptual route for analysing the workings of such notions in rural tourism. Here a ...
    • Mat- og kulturbasert turisme i bygdene 

      Forbord, Magnar; Daugstad, Karoline; Frisvoll, Svein Johan; Kvam, Gunn-Turid (Forskningsglimt;2, Research report, 2012)
    • «Vinn-vinn»: Samarbeid og utvikling i kystturismen 

      Forbord, Magnar; Borch, Trude Kristin; Frisvoll, Svein Johan; Iversen, Audun (Forskningsglimt;1, Research report, 2014)